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Ok...setelah lama masa berlalu, meh la cerita sikit pasal anak tunggal saya ni.
Bagi yang dah lama mengikuti perkembangan blog ni dan lihat Adam membesar, saya rasa saya perlu kongsikan tentang Adam dengan anda semua.

Kisah2 Adam, doa2 kalian yang mengiringi kecemerlangan dia saya tak akan lupakan.

Saya ada pernah memberi sedikit bayangan dalam entry yang dulu contohnya di SINI .

 Ini adalah gambar Adam yang terbaru. Bulan lepas. Dah besar kan dia.... Dah form 4 tahun ni.

Bagi yang tahu, Adam diterima masuk ke MRSM masa di Tingkatan Satu. All went well. Or at least I thought it was. He was happy after the first 3 months of adjustment period. Study, tak cemerlang sangat pun, but not that bad too. Average. So apa yang kami fokuskan adalah untuk bantu dia upgradekan result dia...but not pushing him.

So, belilah buku sikit2 untuk bantu dia. Enroll kan dia for any workshops, courses yang dia request nak pergi during school holidays. We sacrificed our Hari Raya Haji once for him to attend the course.
But we never regret it. After all, at least mesti ada sekelumit ilmu yang dia dapat untuk menambah bekalan dia.

Form 2, he sat for IGCSE Check Point exam. And he got good result. Tak sangka. So, terus rasa bersemangat untuk dia fly high for the IGCSE exam nanti.
Co-co wise, he held few positions. Amongst it, batch leader and Maktab's Robotic Team and tutor for community service sekolah offer untuk sekolah2 rendah sekitar daerah. Wakilkan sekolah untuk pertandingan Robotic and a few involvements to represent school.

The challenges yang dia ada, of course a lot. It is normal I think for a teenager to try this and that. But somehow, one incident struck me down. I went emotionally devastated....

He lost his temper on a junior boy while he was in form 3. Yeap, he kicked the boy. It then became a bully case. Sangat tak sangka that my boy could lost his temper. Knowing him, he is usually very controlled, reasonable and think things thoroughly.  I know straight away that something that this junior has done bothered Adam so much. It was a major incident in school. 6 of them were involved.

This is so painful for me to share his story. But life goes on. If I want to fight for my boy, it will be another long story.

 I believe he has tried his best, but I do not deny that he had done wrong. Whatever it is, it is so wrong for Adam to make his own decisions. But after that incident, I then knew that the bully culture has been there in his school for many, many years. And he has started his life in that school bullied by the seniors. Since he has been the Batch Leader as early as when he started his Form 1, everything and anything that any seniors do not like on the doings of Adam's friends, they will call Adam. Slap Adam, kicked Adam, punched a lesson because Adam didn't educate and control his peers. I quickly reminisce, seeing his arm had a big spot of blue black bruises. When asked, he said he got it while playing soccer. And a few times I have to pick him up from school or hospital that warden sent him for stomach ache and he said it was his gastritis.

Oh my..oh my....I cried non stop for many months after that. I went through a severe depression condition blaming myself for not able to protect him, for not able be a good mother, for my failure to be his best friend that he had to hides all of his sufferings there in his school. And I failed to protect him from being influenced by the negativities and grew up in the situation and make him to be a monster himself.

The moment he was detained for disciplinary actions, I rushed to the school with hubby. Instead of scolding him or beat him, me and hubby grab him in our hugs. I kissed him, I hugged him and I cried. I apologise to him and I swear...that moment was an extremely emotional moment. His friends, teachers and others were crying too.

Anyhow, as punishment, he was transferred to MRSM Batu Pahat. I am thankful that he was given another chance.

But, because of he is a nice boy, Adam went through depression too. He regretted his actions. He blame himself to lost his temper for 2 seconds. He blame himself because he caused me to cry and he let down his grandparents who raised him extremely well. He has to be counselled by the school's counselling department every single day. After two months, the situation got worsened. It affected his study and his health. I have received notes from doctor at Batu Pahat that he is suffering from the acute gastritis. He refused to eat properly, he couldn't get enough sleep and rest are among the causes.

So, the school's headmaster and the counselling department called us for a meeting on how we could work together to help him. But Adam eventually spoke up. He request for the exit! He wants to stay at home with me. School's headmaster tried to ask him to stay because he has so much good potential, but no. This time Adam was defeated by his guilt. So, as the last resort, I brought him home. Exactly 2 months before his PT3 exam.

And yes, he is happier now, staying with me. He helps me with my house chores and he makes new friends here. Oh yes, we live in Alor Gajah, so he goes to a nearby school here.
His PT3? Well, as expected, not excellent. A few syllabus and marking styles changed from Johor to Malacca's style. And he needs to catch up really fast for his different English and Malay novel. He rushed to study within 2 months' time. Besides the states' changed, he was drifted from study due to his psychology pressure almost 6 months before that.

He only managed to secure 5As.

No pressure for that PT3. I am trying to support him as much as possible in any ways that I can.
Now, I have to put him back on track for his SPM. I hope he would regain his strength and confidence back. I need him to be a strong hearted guy and be the Mr Nice Guy again.

Picture with some of his dearest friends, on his last day at Kuala Klawang

Adam now misses his friends back in Kuala Klawang so much. But I can see that he is trying to adapt with this new life. And it is still fresh in my mind in his last day in K. Klawang, when we go and meet all of his teachers. They were all crying together with me and so shocked that Adam was involved in it. Adam according to them was a very nice student. A positive vibes among the students. It made me cried harder. The teachers love him too.

But, Allah knows best. It is just happened to be that we are selected to go through this test.

Nampak tu, his appetite has comes back once he stays with me...hahaha

To my blog reader, just baca disini saja. As a lesson for me and I am sharing this to everyone too because I think you guys have rights to know on what happened to him.

Mohon doakan Adam kembali cemerlang….


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Dah besar Adam.. lama tak jumpa walhal kalau balik kampung mesti lalu depan taman rumah kak Aziela.
Moga rutin Adam dipermudahkanNYA.