Fire Drill


As a company which services the oil and gas industry, safety is the most important aspect in our work life. Fire drill is an exercise to train our employees what should be done whenever there is any incident occurs.

Usually the weather would be a challenge. Though, the ladies are smiling happily...yup..we managed to escape the 'fire'...wooohoooo...!

The Operation Dept.'s Branch Manager giving briefing. All in all, everybody managed to evacuate within 2 minutes time.

We had an incident before, an industrial trainee was servicing a tank truck. He forgot to double check that the tank was emptied before he starts any work. So when he started to flash out the welding gas tools, the fire caught the gas contained in the tank. It burned him around 12%, I think. He burnt half his face, some hair, and the exposed arms and a small area of his chest. Luckily he wore the complete set of safety equipment.

Thus, fire drill is important, guys....

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5 thoughts..

Nurzakiah Hanum berkata...

great xtvt

Kakzakie berkata...

Moment for ladies to enjoy posing kakak believe Ziela.
But kakak think if ask all of you to carry the hose-drill to spray water up to the high-rise building for sure all will surrender hihi...

Daddy Ziyyad berkata...

Burned 12 %..Errkkkk..
Its painful..really painful.
The nerve endings are super sensitive..
Oh Allah, pls grant us Jannah..not Hell.

Zoul Dahan berkata...

Last sekali buat fire drill masa duduk asrama dulu.
Saya jadi AJK.
Kononnya rahsia.
Tetapi biasalah.
AJK pun manusia jugak.
Rahsia dah tak rahsia.
Ramai yg stay up tunggu loceng jam 2 pagi.
Yg perempuan terutamanya.
Good memories.

Salam hari isnin yg berjerubu.

elly nadyra berkata...

saya O & G gak, tak pernah buat fire drill

tapi mmg takut kan kak kalau ada kejadian2 camni
seram la plak