Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Another One More, Adam.


Science resit paper for UPSR this year, done yesterday morning.

English Paper 1, done yesterday.

English Paper 2, done yesterday.

Maths will be coming next Thursday.

I waited for him at the school's canteen yesterday. Alone. No other parents there. But I don't mind it. I know Adam appreciate my presence. He kissed me every time he needs to walk in the hall for the papers. Never mind his friends, never mind his juniors and never mind the teachers. He was proud to have his mother stay by his side yesterday. And I felt extremely happy that I was there for him.

The questions were tougher than last time, as expected. Some English questions were quite tricky too.

And the teachers checked the students' score through their answers ticked in the question paper for objective session of Science. Adam did not do that well. I felt bad at first, but it is okay. I told him, he has done his best. Let it go because he still needs to sit for English papers and Maths next week.

The score was not supposed to be exposed to the children. The teacher calculated it secretly in a room, but these students, full with curiosity explored their marks behind the teacher.

Mak cried when I told her Adam's score. Mak felt guilty. Mak said mak had been busy and didn't manage to concentrate on Adam. I told mak, it was definitely not her fault, nor me nor Adam. All of us have done our best. Just cherish the moments. There's always hikmah from Allah behind everything. We prayed, we recited our du'a and now we have to be grateful. Alhamdulillah. Adam was in good health and good spirit.

So, another one more paper to go next week.

And I am not brave enough to plan any holidays within the next 2 months' time. I don't know whether I can face it anymore if there is another round of paper resits. So, Chinese says 'man-man' aaa....


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