Friday, December 19, 2014

Labu Sayong : Kuala Kangsar's Attractions


Selepas makan mee kicap, kita ke pajabat biro di Ipoh sekejap. Bertemu dengan petugas di situ, sekadar bertanya khabar dan update beberapa issue dari pihak pengurusan. Lagipun kedai mee kicap tu dekat dengan pejabat cawangan kami. Selesai di pejabat, kami terus hantar SIL ke lokasi graduasi beliau. Ikut waze jer la. Sebelah hospital Tanjung Rambutan jer.

Dalam pada tu, kita punya otak dah berpusing2 mencari idea nak pergi mana. Tanya hubby dengan Mommy...semuanya angkat bahu. Tak tahu...suka hati...ikut jer lah. Adoii...poning mak. Dah la tak prepare. Dulu masa kita outstation ke Ipoh, kita dengan colleague suka beli bahan seramik. Tapi dah tak ingat kat mana. Sudahnya...mari ke Kuala Kangsar.

Kuala Kangsar is a very special place. It has its own personal attractions. It is popularly known for it's labu sayong industry. A clay vase used to keep water for drinks at home. It has been said that drinks kept in the vase turn out to be delicious with a lower temperature than the normal room temperature drinks. So, why not have it one at home? After all, we are Malaysian. I googled the location then.

The range of labu sayong

We found a blog recommended this center. I called the owner and he came right away to pick us from the road side and lead the way. On the way to his shop, we saw many other shops selling the ceramics products and clay products. We lost count on them. It excites us, anyhow. Once we arrived, I was so excited because this is definitely a large shop. Numerous products and all are sooo beautiful. The amazing thing is, the prices are all affordable. Oh my.... You can even find small beautiful clay products from as low as RM3.00!! And of course, there's the hero...the labu sayong. We bought 3 of them.

Me and Mommy. We were so excited.

These are lamps actually. For house furnishings. Hubby bought one...

Multifunction case. You can put stationery or spoon, or even for ashtray...hihihi

They have activity to make your own clay too... None of the boys were willing to be the participant, but they were attracted enough to stand by the maker and watched the process all the way to the finishings. All visitors are welcome to participate.

Please call the number printed on the banner. They will answer your call. Trust me.


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mee Kicap Ipoh For Breakfast


Done in Penang, we straight away drove to Ipoh that evening. Arrived quite late in Ipoh and we settled down early in the homestay chose by my SIL. We went there for her convocation ceremony. She received a diploma for her nursing study. Currently she is happy being a staffnurse at HKL.

Anyway, the next morning we have to went out early for my SIL needs to attend the rehearsal at the college. Need to send her there and we will proceed with our own activity. I didn't prepare for Ipoh. I was extremely busy before that in the new office in Bangsar. Plus the stress, I really couldn't afford to plan for a good journey. When hubby asked what to have for breakfast, I googled. Yeap...impromptu action. Let it long as I could present something different.

So I came across about this mee kicap. I remember I've seen a tv programme about this mee kicap. We don't have this in Malacca, so let's try.

Mee kicap is directly translated as the soy sauce noodle in English. It is a simple dish so as my expectation hearing just from the name. What is so special about this dish when you simply throw a bunch of yellow noodle on the plate and sprinkle some kicap (soy sauce) on it? So off we went. Oh, we went to the popular Mee Daud Mat Jasak stall. You can google the picture and you can simply key in the direction in your Waze application.

2 of us ordered the mee kari and the rest all requested the mee kicap. I had the mee kari since hubby and Adam has already requested for mee kicap. With this, we can taste each menu for verdict.
 I had Adam's mee kicap in which he had to order another plate because I ate half from his portion, hahahaha. The plain yellow noodle was drenched in a boiled water for a few seconds and they mix the noodle with taugeh (beansprouts). Next, they pour the kicap onto the noodle.

Now, this is what that needed the highlight. The kicap is not simply the kicap from the bottle. Though the color is none other the kicap color, but the taste is totally different. You can taste the mixture of other ingredients in which I can't really detect what. Ok, they definitely blend together the kicap with kitchen stock and onions and garlic. They might have a bit of ginger and probably a few other.

So it beyond expectation. The smooth and thick kicap gravy envelopes each layer of the noodle. It's not bitter at all, not really a salty, just a hit of salty taste and it feels as if you are eating a rich meaty food though you are having a blank mee kicap. Oh yes, the mee kicap accompanied by a bowl of soup. Sort of yong tau fu soup. You han have the normal standard of soup as what you seen in the picture above, or you can go and select your own kueh to have a full bowl of soup to your liking. Mix the soup into the mee kicap and wallah...another new dimension of attractive mee kicap in front of you.

The mee kari is not up to my liking. The gravy is too watery. The bowl was consists of the noodle, taugeh and the gravy with a few pieces of fish cake only.

Luckily they serve this sambal or cooked chili paste in the bottle. It gives a low amount of hot taste, not enough for my tastebud. I need to scoop a few to satisfy and balance my bowl of mee kari.

Adam was happy eating the mee kicap. Me and Mommy had our tasteless mee kari. Both of us agreed that mee kari in this stall is far below expectations.

Anyhow, the mee kicap is the star, anyway. I might come back to Ipoh just to enjoy another round of mee kicap...