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Well..well...well... at last!! My waitings ended last nite. I went to watch the movie all by myself and I don't care if I have to go through all the troubles alone.'s not for Edward, nor for Jacob. It's mainly because I am really attracted to the story itself.

Anyway, I've been reading a few reviews and comments from those people who have watched this. But I would like to stick to my very own opinions. For those who haven't watch the movie and haven't had any chance to read the book, I'd be honoured to lay down before you the summary assuming that you have read and watched the first 2 books or movies.

Edward and Bella are happy together again. And this time the whole Cullen children are mingling together with other schoolmates. And BellaEdward relationship is not a secret anymore eventhough Bella's father would be very happy if Edward would disappear again and let Jacob be his son-in-law.

There is an army of a newborn vampires emerged from Seattle and somehow it worries the Cullen family. They do not want the Volturi to come down to Seattle and 'cleaned' up the mess and by chance would plan a surprise visit to Forks. So the Cullens plan that they themselves would try to 'clean' up the newborns before the Volturi could ever touch them. It's to secured Bella since the last meeting of the Volturi and Cullens, they promised Bella would be changed and obviously Bella is still standing with blood streaming down her veins. Surprisingly, Bella's house and room has been 'visited' by one of the vampires without any clear purpose or message. This incident gives another clue to the Cullens and Alice could 'see' that the vampires are going after Bella. But they couldn't relate Victoria into the picture eventhough now and then they would chase Victoria out of their territories.

For the sake of Bella's safety and her father, Cullens and the wolfpack collaborate and take turns to watch. When the Cullens go for 'hunting' Bella will be under the wolf's protection. Of course this is not an options that Edward likes, but this is the only option. Jacob however started aggresively and openly confessing his love to Bella. And one fine day, while strolling with Bella, he stole a kiss from Bella and this girl goes out of control and punch him in the face. He's a wolf, the punch was nothing at all, but Bella broke her hand. And guess what, Edward almost ripped Jacob with his teeth if Bella's father a few seconds late from attending to the quarrel.

Finally Bella found the answer of the new army that Victoria was all behind it. And Alice received the vision that all of the army has already made their move to Forks. They prepared and practiced together under the trainings of Major Jasper since he has wide experience trained newborn vampires army.
The day came. They fought fiercely and fastly and the scene was sooo fascinating. I'm not going to tell the details here...
The love story and the humor sneak in now and then, so it does give us enjoyment besides the tense.
My review :
- I don't know why, but I'm touched with Jacob's love towards Bella this time.
- I still think that Edward is a perfect guy
- This time, story concentrates on the vampires in which I dun get enough vampires from the last 2 movies. Jasper, Alice and Rosalie has been 'exposed' more compared to the earlier movies. And I really like Jasper this time. He shows the other side of him. Emerged from 'in pain' personnel in twilight to 'mood control' vampire in NewMoon and he's a real friend and leader this time. He really has this special charisma within him.
- I think Billy did good for being Charlie in this movie.
- I shed tears when Bella had conversation with her mother in Florida. Owwhh....that's just me.
- The scenery are awesome.
- Love the scene of 'showing off' Bella's love between Edward and Jacob when Edward pass Bella to Jacob for protection. It's hillarious!
- The fighting scene is a big success in Twilight series. David did a great job for being the director.
- Love the scene when Edward proposed to Bella with his mother's ring.
I love the whole movie.

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