Nak bunuh diri?? You mean suicide?

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Cerita nie dah dengar dalam radio masa drive pg td. Tapi nie dapat dr blog yg aku follow, Lulu. Bacalah cerita nyer. Maybe dlm newspaper pun ada, tp tak sempat lagi nak go through.

She's just 20y.o. Kenapa sgt rapuh sampai nk bunuh diri? Oh yess, Mrs Psychologist Dd, please comment. Eh..kita dulu selalu gak buat analisa atas kes2 mcm nie kan Dd? Contohnya, kenapa orang tu asyik kata : Ko tak faham..! atau kenapa ada orang tu suka sangat makan nyorok2, dan benda yg dh nak expired baru nak share. Hehehe..all those memories.

Anyway, it's quite clear in this situation. This girl has no father. Mother remarried and abandoned her with family in Kelantan. Mother moved to Melaka with new family. The relatives might not be a good moral support for her. Maybe because of her own attitude. Rude, no self discipline..etc..etc, simply because she had no one to guide her throughout her life. Suddenly, she found a boy who claims that she is the boy's sunshine and blue sky. She felt appreciated and alive. She felt she has a bright future awaiting for her. But that boy eventually left her. Make her sad and disappointed with her life cycle. Strengthens her theory that she is not valuable to anybody. No one cares about her. She is definitely a liability. So why should she make life harder when she thought she can make it simple by death.

There. Rough story prediction Behind The Scenes. Of course we can always dig up for the root of the story.
So, what should we do to save this girls's life? Oh yes. Government has many associations to help this girl. JKM, hospital, rumah this and rumah that, kementerian this and that.

For me, the most important thing is family support. Family has to give support and love. Compilation of these support and love, we have to bring her back on track. Our platform is our religion. Pull her softly up to the platform. Once she knows herself better and she knows Allah, Insyallah she'll be much a better person.

I've just discussed about life's obstacles with a colleague yesterday.

The point is : Allah tidak akan turunkan dugaan pada kita sekiranya kita tidak mampu menghadapinya.

Allah knows best.
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