Aunty Aini's Garden Cafe


We had our dinner here in Aunty Aini's Garden Cafe a few months ago. I have watched the world chefs such as Anthony Bourdain, Gordon Ramsay and Martin Yan came to this restaurant through tv. The world kmown chefs learnt to cook in the Aunty Aini's kitchen.

So, what's so special about Aunty Aini? She is a good cook. She maintains the traditional recipe of the Malaysian Minang dishes in which we called it Negeri Sembilan's dishes. She inherits the recipe and the passion from her mother.

Let's have a look for certain dishes that we explored.

The Masak Lemak Cili Padi Telur Itik. Duck's Egg in spicy coconut milk. The broth is ok for me, but I don't like the texture of the eggs here. It was too hard. The egg was supposed to be smooth, soft..and wobbly. Maybe some other time they serve better than this.

This is the Fish Head of Jenahak, cooked in spicy coconut broth with fermented durian. In Malay it is Ikan Jenahak Masak Lemak Tempoyak.

 Oh, we love this dish soo much. The broth was perfect, the perfect original authentic spiciness and thickness, with an inviting fragrance of the tempoyak and also the perfect freshness of the fish. My parents love this dish sooo much.

 We had the famous sambal tumis sotong with petai. A winner for me, but not to my mother.

For the little boy Danish, we had ayam kampung goreng and plain omelette.

The happy little one.

The most sought after. Kerabu pucuk paku. The soft fresh of the vegetable, mixed with herbs and kerisik. The perfect balance of crunchiness, the herbs, the hint of not overpowering chilly and the grated coconut. 

We finished off with the sinfully deli ious Tapai Pulut Aiskrim. It is the sweet fermented glutinous rice, topped with icecream.


Pricey.....but worth it.

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8 thoughts..

Daddy Ziyyad berkata...

Hahaha...saya dan wife,Fiza dah lama tak ke sini.
Aunty Aini ni makcik sedara Fiza.

Zoul Dahan berkata...

Boleh beri alamat.
Manalah tahu sesat sampai sini.
Ini lauk2 tradisional.
Kegemaran saya sekeluarga.

ujie othman berkata...

tempat mkn peberet ni..mmg selalu g mkn sini sbb tak jauh dari rumah. Sedap dan puas ati walau mahal. Lauk peberet - kerabu pucuk paku & daging salai msk lomak. Mkn pun syok je sbb dikelilingi kehijauan alam.

Kakzakie Purvit berkata...

Kerabu pucuk paku so tempting!
Jenahak masak lemak and daging salai mak ai:)

Lee berkata...

Hi Aziela, Wow! I sure would love have makan at this place. May I have a date with you bila I balek kampong satu hari depan? I want to try that pucuk paku, ayam kampong goreng, exclude the petai....duduk Air Canada betul lecheh, kena complaints....ha ha...and add that fish head in spicy coconut, plus iced coffee too.
I belanjar you.

Lepas makan mana nak pergi? Ada laut sana?
I really admire you and family, live to eat. Wayyyyy to go!
Have fun and you stay easy.
Best regards,

Kakcik Nur berkata...

Pernah makan sekali di sini. Sedap masakannya... :)

Shahida Dzulkafli berkata...

Sambal sotong ngn kerabu pucuk paku tuh ohsem..

elly nadyra berkata...

sedikit pricy, tapi berbaloi kak makan
cuma saya setuju ngan akak masak lemak telo itik tu, telonya keras sket, macam masak lama sgt telo tu

nak mai sini elok wat reservation/mai awal
kalau tak menganga la