Farewell for GM

Assalamualaikum and greetings for all..

The above picture is portraying my General Manager, Mr Karim in his white hair and our company's owner Mr Fauzi.

Our GM, being very fair and white hair, does looks like an Englishman. At first I thought woaaa...can I really speak in a neat polished English with him? And when we were introduced, oh..he speaks Malay! Orang Melayu la....hahaha

And later I found that his mother is an English lady, from England. So yes, he's half Malay.

He is the most understanding, caring and wise GM ever. He would blend himself with staffs of all levels and try to get to know them, their personal life, their work life and find ways to make sure that the company is moving on and increased the performance. In the way that is acceptable by the whole family.

And suddenly he decided to go for early retirement.

It was an emotional party. It was not a happy and fun environment. In facts it was filled with tears, sobbings and reminiscing the memories. He was not just a GM, but he was almost like a father in our organization family.

To Mr Karim Johari,

May all your through out life will be filled with happiness, decorated with beautiful smiles and hugged you with love.

We wish all the beautiful dreams and wishes and du's for you and family,

Good bye, sir.


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3 thoughts..

Azian Elias berkata...

Kalau boss yg balik ni mmg susah rasa nak lepaskan kan..
like father lak tu.
i thot at first dia mat saleh..heeee

mamapp berkata...

Bestnya dpt boss baik Dan Mesra

Shahida Dzulkafli berkata...

Bila dapat bos yang best memang berat nak lepaskan..