Kuantan.. here I come!!!

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Yesssss..... K U A N T A N

I'm going to Kuantan this weekend. Not only this weekend...next weekend and many other weekends on the year ahead. Y? Hubby moved to Kuantan. Got a slightly better offer there from different co. No..no... we didn't plan..it just came. He didn't apply, but he was offered. So, for the sake of exploring different environment and new knowledge, he took the challenge. Started work on Monday this week. Still in the adjustment mode I guess. Though the salary offered was slightly higher, but after take into consideration the travelling cost, house rental cost and other billing costs, it's almost the same with what he earned in Malacca. As I said, it's to explore new things. The most obvious difference is he was attached with Japanese company since he graduated and now tadaaa....he's in British company. Hahahha. Guess what! I am now holding the part time position as the jarak jauh secretary.. hahahaha.

So, my mission this weekend is to hunt for house to rent. Adoiii... soooo susaaah to find a suitable house...which is within the budget and located around the workplace.
I will make sure this week that the mission accomplished.. Yess..Chaiyokkk!!
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