Intern's Presentation


Among the conditions for those who wants to join our company for industrial training is that they must agree to do a formal presentation at the end of their training period. The presentation must be attended by the company representatives and their learning institutions.

The contents are all about what they have learnt and did throughout the period. They need to explain in details about company's product, services..etc.

The objectives are to assess their understanding, their efforts, to be transparent to the learning institution that the students were not wasted and as a starting point for the students' involvement in the real employment world.

So I've watched many presentations. Definitely the audience and the presenter know at what level those presentations were. So, the presenters should know that it was their own effort and responsibilities.

But, being human being with ego and self-proud, they are some presenter spilled the blames to others.

As an employer, we wouldn't need that attitude in our organization, right?

Sadly, we have a lot in the community. It doesn't help to develop a success and healthy society. Please, stop spoonfeed them. It does them no good.


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2 thoughts..

Rozita berkata...

kami pun ada kat sini kak.. suka tengok persembahan yg berbeza2 walau tajuk yg sama.. kreatif tu yg beri kelainan..

☆♥L@dy @yU♥☆ berkata...

Dulu masa Ai practical x de presention gini
Maybe sebab keja ngan majlis bandaraya alor star kot
Bidang Ai IT dulu
Dh 12 years berlalu
Time flies