It was a very unexpected moment. I got a chance to meet up with my roommates and housemates when I was in matric. Hahaha...luckily we are connecting through cyber world....otherwise all the momories will be forgotten. It felt so good....and I've almost forgot that I'm actually married..hahahahha until of course when suddenly my dear hubby called and asked whether I'm ok or not.

Hopefully we could arrange for a better specific venue and date for a soulful reunion. That is one of my dreams.....

Anyway...tqvm girlss.......I enjoy the meeting and of course the fooooooood....hahahahhaah.
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( Me with Yana, the bakal pengantin )

Kelmarin, ada kejadian malang yang berlaku.... Aku jatuh masuk dalam longkang depan opis.....tidaaakkkkk!!!!! Terseliuh laa buku lali sebelah kanan. Kanannnnn plak tu. Mcm mana nak bawak kereta...???

Anyway, semalam dah mintak tolong sorang cleaner Indon urutkan. Mak aiihhh, sakitnyerrrr..... Menjerit2 la jugak sepanjang sesi urutan tu. Sakit giler beb. Nak buat macam mana kan...nak baik punya pasal.

On the same day I fell, I received news from sis that Adam has fever. Alamak...Adam has fever...he has fever...what about his tonsil?? He's actually fragile, but he doesn't want to admit that. What to say....he's just a kid. Told him already...cannot play directly under the sun...can not drink cold ice cream, no aircond. But he just doesn't care. So, today is Friday already. Can't wait to go back to meet him. Miss him so much and worry so much. After work, straight to Sepang, to bro's house, fetch my cousin and drive to PD. Then send cousin to his house, fetch Adam and straight to Malacca. I promised hubby to cook bolognese spaghetti tomorrow. Since Adam is not well, I think it is the right choice. Adam lovessssss pasta sooooo much. Even if we bring him to dine in at Renaissance for buffet dinner, he will fill up his plate with pasta..and pasta and pasta only. Let the ice creams and cakes stay on the counter....he won't bother.

This week has been a heavy week for me. guess week will be heavier for me.

To friends, you all are kindly invited to attend my sister's wedding in PD on 23/3/2008. Datanglah...jalan-jalan ke PD. And, because of that wedding, I'll be on leave from next week's Wednesday until 24th March. Adoiiii....another tiring week. Hopefully I can fullfill my responsibility perfectly for the wedding. To Yana, this is the least I can do. Hope you will be showered with happiness in your marriage life.

To dear friend, Congratulations!!!! Dah dapat baby nie, can join in our Mom's Club...hehehheheh.

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Yey..yey...yey..yey.....dah ada blog sendiri. Yes....tengkiu Darlene....Hang laa yang bagi inspirasi untuk aku tulih blog nie. Sayaanggggg hang.....hehehhehe.

Anyway...hari nie, hari blog sedunia gua la agaknya. Tadi tulis blog friendster. Ini create blog sendiri pulak..heheheh. Tamak sungguh. Keje berlambak-lambak lagi nie. Tapi macam tak ada mood nak keje sangat. Bos pun cuti. So gua laa boss dlm department arie nie..heheheheh...perasan.. Alaa..jap lagi sambung keje....dun worry. Lepas gian nak menulis jer. Hari nie keje semua melibatkan calculator. Adoiii...bab mengira nie..lemahhhh sket. Masa study pun....subjek nie laa paling lemah sekali nak attend. Nak..nak...subjek Statistic...adoiiiii......pengsan-pengsan juga laa kalau nak ada exam atau quiz tu.

Ha...nanti next week sambung lagi blogging. Bleh cerita pasal mengundi plak. Ermm..patut ker copy paste postings dlm friendster masuk ke sini? Dah banyak gak tu. Tak yah la ekk....saper nak tau...masuk friendster jer laa ekk...hehehehe....

Ok...wa chau cin cau......
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