I'll write in stages. The trip was so amazing, but not satisfying...Why? Because I want more...hahahahhahaha.....

So, all of the participants are suppossed to be at the office lobby at 6.00 AM. And the committee need to be there half an hour earlier, means at 5.30AM. Since the nite before that I went back to Malacca for some shopping with hubby, I move quite early from Malacca, about 2.30 AM. However, plus stops at a couple of petrol pumps, and for my early takeaway breakfast at McD, finally I arrived at 5.00 AM at the office. So, while waiting for the others, I park my car and took a half an hour nap. 5.30 AM, drag all my bags to the office lobby and start to arrange a few documents, discuss a few with committees, and work..work..work....

We were supposed to depart at 6.30 AM or the latest by 7.00 AM, but you know..big group....there's always a few whom wouldn't mind if other people wake up early, took the troubles in the morning to arrive punctually and WAIT FOR THEM....! I hope they didn't do that on purpose because it was really dissappointing.... I mean...some of the staffs know that they will find difficulties to come early in the morning and they find solution for that. They sleep in the office. And this shows that they are responsible people. After all, it reflects to the personality.

Despite of that, the journey was smooth eventhough it was raining the whole way up to Kota Bharu. I sleep and sleep and eat and sleep in bus...hehehehhe.

We arrived in Kota Bharu at aboot 7.00 PM and wait for our contact person to arrive and bring us to the respected rental houses. The ladies has a cute and new house with all the basic facilities in the excellent conditions plus the airconds and tvs. That nite, we gather at about 8.30 PM and went to the town for dinner. We went to a pasar malam area and the ladies start the shopping activities. And not to mention all of the Kelantan's delicacies were there.....the pulut durian, kuih akok, jala emas, nasi kerabu, ayam percik, som tam, kerabu, and all the yummy food. Ishhh....rambang mata sungguh.

After that, we went back to our house and sleep. The end of the 1st day.
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Guess what......I have a surprise today. Hubby send me this bouquet of flowers.... Aduhhhhh....rasa sangat terharu. I melt already.....

To hubby.....thank you...thank you..... I love it sooooo much...

I know it's not easy for hubby to plan like this. He's in Malacca, contact my close friend in office and asked for help to give out this surprise ( Tengkiu Ita....tengkiu Ita....). The florist came, and it happenned to be that the flower was really for me......

I know...i know...hubby always said : Alaa...bunga...bukan boleh buat makan pun.....but I dun care..I love them. For me, it's a gesture of love and I really need to be showered with love. Well...who doesn't, rite? And this particular flower is the best that I've ever received throughout my life. To hubby again...thank you very much. You know I love you so much, right. Muaaahhhhh.......

To friends, boss, families and my beloved Adam....thank you for the wish......I am sooo happy....really....( tak tunjuk jer..sebab hari nie still rasa macam dilambung ombak...).

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This is the beach in front of our chalet when we had a trip to Redang about 3 years ago. It was soooo crystal clear...the coral were so beautiful and the nemo fishes were sooo friendly.

And.......I told you all in previous posting that I'm going to Perhentian. Has already finalised everything with the agent today. Tomorrow, will e-mail to all staffs about the itinnery, schedule, things to bring, etc..etc... And next week will start packing up my things, shopping for new beg and for a new snorkel set ( I dun want to wear contact lense this time, so will find a suitable mask ) and if possible and have enuff budget, I'll consider to buy the Muslimah swimsuit.

Friends, jom laa...buat reunion at the island....We could have BBQ dinner, karaoke together, have cups of coffee and tea on the beach at nites and bring up our old sweet memories.

Morning..after breakfast, we could snorkel...and dun worry, the chalet provides instructor and the island boys are very helpful and strong. Things that I can't wait is to swim with the turtles and the baby sharks....

Hopefully I will be in a good health condition....Amiinnn.....
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Alamak, baruuuuu ajer selesai post one postings. But I can't help, need to share this. Hubby called before lunch today, said that he bought a chipsmore cookies and while eating it, he suddenly found a card in it. That card said he won a vacation trip. Biar betul.....he's not sure whether it's true or not. He asked around, but his friends seem puzzles as well. So he called me, ask me check on it, there's a phone number in it. ( He's always like that, he'll rely on me for many things that need talkings ) So I called the number, and yess...it's true...it's definitely true... YES..!! YES!! YES....!!!!! We won a 3D2N vacation at Berjaya Resort in Redang Island...yahuuuuuu...... it's for 2 adults and 2 children. Since we have only 1 kid, ada sesaper nak tumpang ke...??? heheheh.

Anyway, I'm happy, but I need to meet them and ask about the regulations and hold the voucher myself. You know...some prizes, we cannot go during weekends, school holidays, etc. The package doesn't include the snorkeling trip and the food along the way...excluding ferry, tax...etc..etc.... But I really hope the vacation is a package.

Anyway, I'm arranging a company trip to Perhentian Island. We'll go on 24/4/08 until 27/4/08. That will be fully sponsored by the company. Yes..yes...yes... I have to announce that this year is snorkeling year for me.....hehehhehehe

I luv u soooo much hubby.....Muuuaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh...!!!

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This is Yana on her big day with her newly wed hubby. So guys, those whom unable to attend, this is a facility from me.

Last weekend was the final occasion. The wedding at her husband's place. Saturday nite, malam berinai and Sunday, another big day for them. Yana was happy but I know what she has to go through. Dun worry sis, it's a process in which every woman has to confront with. Remember what mak said : The moment you hold the title as a wife, there are a lot of things that you need to sacrifice, for the sake of the happy family. If you are able to swallow it, please do....if you can't swallow, share it with someone that you can trust. At the end, if you are really doing it sincerely, Insyaallah you'd find the happiness along the way.

I still have a lot to write about, but I'm really running out of time. I will find more time afterwards.

May everyone of you lead a happy life after this. Amiiinnnn.....

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