Chipsmore Prize!!!


Alamak, baruuuuu ajer selesai post one postings. But I can't help, need to share this. Hubby called before lunch today, said that he bought a chipsmore cookies and while eating it, he suddenly found a card in it. That card said he won a vacation trip. Biar betul.....he's not sure whether it's true or not. He asked around, but his friends seem puzzles as well. So he called me, ask me check on it, there's a phone number in it. ( He's always like that, he'll rely on me for many things that need talkings ) So I called the number, and's's definitely true... YES..!! YES!! YES....!!!!! We won a 3D2N vacation at Berjaya Resort in Redang Island...yahuuuuuu...... it's for 2 adults and 2 children. Since we have only 1 kid, ada sesaper nak tumpang ke...??? heheheh.

Anyway, I'm happy, but I need to meet them and ask about the regulations and hold the voucher myself. You know...some prizes, we cannot go during weekends, school holidays, etc. The package doesn't include the snorkeling trip and the food along the way...excluding ferry, tax...etc..etc.... But I really hope the vacation is a package.

Anyway, I'm arranging a company trip to Perhentian Island. We'll go on 24/4/08 until 27/4/08. That will be fully sponsored by the company. Yes..yes...yes... I have to announce that this year is snorkeling year for me.....hehehhehehe

I luv u soooo much hubby.....Muuuaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh...!!!

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3 thoughts..

DD berkata...

Part kid tu aku amik boleh kot...tido atas carpet pun takpe.

nizamje berkata...

I think i need to buy more chipsmore, hoping to win like u.... envy! envy!

mutiarazura berkata...

hey ziela! seronoknya found your blog! no joke chipsmore actually ada hadiah cam tu? reminds me of citer entah-ape tajuk Chocolate Factory tu ntah...alaa yang Johny Depp tu...bestnya dpt free trip, jgn u all kena gi biscuit factory dah le...ok got carried away there..anyways, ziela! lamanya tak jumpa!