It has been some times since my last postings in this blog. I have so much things to write actually, but due to the time constrains...I was not able to write anything. I was waiting for a clear, peaceful moments for me to concentrate in my postings.

However, a break-in news happenned to me last Monday, it was 2 days ago. I went to HQ that afternoon to settled some works. It ends about 5.30 pm. The parking was soo full, so I parked the car at the road side, together with the other cars. That road is the main entrance to our office. That 5.30 pm, when I arrived at my car, I was surprised to see the conditions like this :

And like this :

Somebody, a thief of course, broke my window to stole my make-up pouch. Oww..come-on....he thought that the pouch contains money.... I put the pouch at the front seat, together with my bekal from kampung. Okay...I admit, that was totally my fault. Don't nag me anymore...please...I just can't take it anymore. And I know, it has been the rezeki for that thief also because he found my small purse ( Mr Bean's ) being hidden under my seat with driving license, marriage card, a few memberships card and about 200++ ringgit malaysia inside it.

I called a few colleagues down the office because I went blank after that. I just do not know what else should I do... who should I call...where should I go... So, my friends and bosses came down, help to calm me down, clean up my car and tell me what to do. One of them drove the car and me to the Sentol Police Station to lodge the report. After the report being printed out, I was asked to go upstairs to meet up with their Investigation Officer. Looking at these pics, the IO said that the police are actually looking for this same guy since the method of the breaking is about the same. He came down to see the car with us and brought the police photographer to capture the broken window. However, suddenly we notice the left window has became like this :

According to the officer, actually this thief has tried to break the left window, but he failed. So, he tried the other side of the window. Due to that, the window glass actually took a bit longer to shattered into pieces.

So, I took an emergency leave yesterday to settled my window, my driving license, and so on. I've received naggings, blamings and scoldings since then. Only a couple of soothing support from officemates though. It's really pressure at the moment. I've spent almost RM1k, I felt really disappointed and I am in a very sensitive conditions at the moment.

But a friend said, look at the bright side. At least that's all that I lost. At least he didn't stole my car straight away. At least I'm safe...

After all...this is among the colours in our life. We have to go thru all these.... Maybe I should donate more after this.....hmmmm......

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