Tajuk macam formal jer kan....Sorry for the delay of this posting.

Let's start the story.

25th Nov 2009 : Brought him to the hospital. Arrived at the hospital around 2.30 pm. Since our appointment was scheduled at 3.00pm, we headed to the hospital's cafe and had a heavy lunch. He ate a full plate of spaghetti. He thought he won't be able to eat for at least the next 4-5 weeks. So I let him chose whatever menu that he likes. At 3.00pm, we went to the specialist clinic and wait. Doctor called him up, do a final check-up on the throat to make sure it's free from any infections and swelling. Once clear, he instructed the nurse to book the room and bed. I requested for the single bed room, but failed. It's full that time. No choice, we have to accept the twin bedded room. Still better than 6 bedded. My intention is to provide a comfortable access for my parents because both my parents and Ida my sis will be staying with Adam. And of course I want to be with my child too.
The double bedded room. Mom replacing Adam on the bed.
While waiting at the admission counter, a group of Indian family approached us. After a few intro, they were actually accompanying one of the man to remove the tonsil. Same case with Adam. Adam will be the first patient, and he will come in after my child. That man is 43 years old. Yet he and the whole family were hecticly worry about the operation. He has his wife, his bsiblings and his father with him. And they were amazed looking at how relax and cool Adam was. They asked Adam a lot of questions...tak takut ke...sakit tak...those sort of things and Adam answered the smart way....his way => Lepas nie boleh makan aiskrim banyak2. Heheheheh....very solid excuse, huh.
A few minutes after that, my parents arrive. With all the luggage and foods....hahahaha. Obviously they want to celebrate Hari Raya with us in the hospital. Good news kan...heheheheh.
So, after admission, Adam was trying to make full use of his last day spending with his pair of tonsilitis. He went to the playroom and enjoy himself there. He requested a long list of food and at nite, he forced me to go out and buy some sushi for him. I went to JJ, and bought 3 family packs of sushi. And he finished the entire 2 packs. Padahal, 3 days before that, hubby has already brought him to the Japanese buffet spread in Equotorial. That's because hubby will be working in Thailand on the operation day. Adam loves Japanese food so much. Anyhow, he has to fast starting from 12.00 midnite for the next day's operation. So I woke him up at 11.30 for another round of food and drinks as being adviced by the hospital. It's sort of 'sahur' for him. But he couldn't open his eyes...because he was too full and too tired. His last food was at 9.30. I was really worried that he couldn't stand the hunger and thirst for tomorrow.

The tonsils before removal. Please excuse the teeth scenery.

So, I slept on the floor with my mom. With all tikar and comforter and pillows. Heheheh..buat macam rumah sendiri yer...sila...sila....

26th November : I couldn't sleep that nite. Too worry about him. Kejap-kejap bangun, cium dia. Dalam hati...doa banyak-banyak....janganlah jadi apa-apa kat dia.
At last, at 5.00 am, I told my mom, I would like to go home for a couple of hours to take care of a few things. So I went home, wash clothes and accidently fell asleep. Woke up at 7.30 am and I was soo panick. Adam's operation scheduled at 9.00 am. and I must be by his side. I drove to hospital with my emergency light blinking all the way. When I reached hospital, Adam has been covered with the operation's dress and with wet red eye. He thought I couldn't make it because I was late. I hug him and I cried. Owh... all of us were soo deep in emotions that time.
So, sharp 8.30 a.m., the nurses came and led us to the operation room at 2nd floor. Adam hold my hand tightly. Mak, Ayah and Ida has to wait in the waiting room. I was allowed to enter the operation room with him. Just to comfort him prior to the operation process. So, while waiting at the lobby of the operation room, Adam asked me a lot of questions. He was soo worry but he didn't cry. I was the one who almost cried, but I hold it. If my child can be strong, why can't I?
So, a few questions, check-ups and preparations by the nurses and doctors, finally he was being pushed into the operation room. I was still by his side. Then the doctor asked how much his weight, how old is he and determine the amount of the anaesthetic drug for Adam. The drug was injected into his body. Once the doctor push the drugs in, the nurses sent me out from the room. I joined my family in the waiting room then. I can't talk much, more of thinking about my baby in the room and praying inside.
Half an hour after that, a nurse came to us and called me in. Adam has completed the surgery. Alhamdulillah.....syukur ke hadrat Ilahi. But he was crying upon gained his consciousness because I was not by his side. I quickly hug him and comfort him. He hugged my hands tightly and fell asleep. He was still under the drug's effect. He has to stay there for at least half an hour for observation. Once in a while he'll open his eyes to make sure that I was still there. Once he asked me : Bila nak sudah nie, mama? Lamanya doktor nie nak buat operation. I laughed and cried. He didn't feel the pain yet, so he thought he was sleeping still.
After half an hour, he woke up and cried. Sakittt...he said. He requested ice-cream to cool down the pain. I tried whatever that I can. One thing with Adam, we can't deceived him. I have to be honest with him that he was not allowed to eat and drink yet because the drugs are still in the body and it can caused vomitting and injury at his throat. And he cried.
The nurses came, pushed him back to the ward and that was when the real challenges begin. He cried and cried. At 3.00 pm, doctor was still 'invisible'. And he has been crying constantly...longing for ice creams and cold drinks. He's hungry and damn thirsty.
Still in the operation dress....
Luckily my hp managed to pull his mind off from the pain a little. He played various types of games and taking pictures. And when he's tired, he sleeps. At last the doc arrived at 5.00pm, means 17 hours of fasting and verify that Adam was in a satisfied conditions. He allowed him to drinks and eat.
I gave Adam a little bit of melting ice-cream....but as predicted, he can't swallow them. It's too painful. I pulled out the ice chocolate drink from my ice-box and he sipped twice only. We tried to give him porridge, also he can't eat. It'll take time as the nurse said.
At 6.00 pm, Mak, Ayah and Ida left us and went back to PD for Hari Raya preparations since it's approved by Adam. And 1 hour after that, Mak Ngah and family came to visit. Pity them ....not enuff chair to sit. And after 10 minutes, the nurse came, asking whether I am still interested in the single bed room. Of course I am. The nurse then helped me to move. Alhamdulillah...much more comfortable for everyone. And I said to the nurse, Adam still can't eat because it's too painful for him. The nurse then consulted the doctor and came back with the bullet drugs as the the painkiller. You know...the white bullet that we have to insert it at the rectum. Mak Ngah and family entertained Adam to make him forget about the pain. Suddenly, Adam reached his porridge and he finished the whole bowl. Alhamdulillah..... the pain killer works.
Adam with Mak Ngah's cucu ( Adam's cousin ). The boy's name is Karim.
At 9.00 pm, Mak Ngah and family went home. Alhamdulillah Adam ate much and he drinks the whole cup of cold milk. In fact, he ate the goreng pisang and goreng cempedak brought by Mak Ngah.
That nite, hubby arrived from Thailand at 2.00 am.
27th November 2009 : Adam woke up and started crying again because the pain was unbearable. He can't eat and drink. My family in law came at 9.00 after solat Hari Raya and we ate all the Hari Raya delicacies therewhile waiting for the doctor's visit. Doctor came at 10 am for check-ups and ordered pain killer to be given to him. At 11.00 am, the nurse gave him another shot of pain killer and he finished the whole plate of grilled fish for lunch. Then family in-law went back at noon. After that, Pak Su and family came. Adam's best friend in kampung. He was sooo happy and act as if he was not sick. He played with them, went to the playroom and drag his drip tower himself. It's as if we were celebrating Hari Raya. Half an hour later, my brother Abg Ngah came. That was a double happiness for him because his beloved cousin, Adleena Umairah came too. He loves her soo much because he really wants a little sister. So...ok lah...manageable for that day. It would be complete if hubby woke up though. Hubby slept the whole day because he was too busy to work and didn't sleep in Thailand.
Adleena Umairah

28th November 2009 : Adam has finally ok. He drinks a lot and eat a lot. Doctor came and verified that he was ready to go home. We packed and brought him home. He still has to continue the antibiotics and painkiller.

Removed Tonsils

Today : He eats ice cream and drink ice water as much as he wants.

Alhamdulillah....... Thank you friends for your do'a.

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Yaa.....untuk kesekian kalinya, Adam demam. Macam biasa...confirm tonsil dia bengkak lagi. Ceritanya begini :

Jumaat, 6 Nov 2009, 3.15pm : Mak aku call. Dia tanya aku balik PD terus ke, atau balik Melaka dulu. Aku tanya kenapa, dia kata Adam demam. Dia dah siap bawak ke klinik, tapi maku tak nak aku risau, dia pun x derlaa inform aku.

8.00 pm : Sampai PD. Masuk jer rumah, terus nampak Adam terlantar dengan mata sangat layu, berselimut dan bertampal dahinya dengan Cool Fever. Lemah longlai aku bila tengok anak aku jadi macam tu.

8.30 pm : Mak aku soh jaga dia...control temperature dia...kena spongekan dia selalu and make sure antibiotik dia pukul 12.00 am. Mak dengan bapak aku gie kenduri kat rumah Pak Lang aku.

8.50 pm : Adam kata nak makan, tapi dia tak der selera. Aku pujuk dia makan nestum sikit, buat alas perut. Sebab semua yang dia makan, dia kuarkan balik. Dia agree untuk makan nestum.

9.10 pm : Dia kata nak duduk. Aku dudukkan...buka citer kartun, dia tengok citer Ben10. Baru seminit, dia muntah semua isi perut dia balik...bukan sekadar nestum yang baru 3 sudu dia makan.

11.20 pm : Hubby sampai PD daripada Melaka. Baru balik kerja.

12.00 am : Bagi antibotik. And dia muntahkan semua sekali semula.

12.10 am : Discuss dgn hubby, agree utk terus ke hospital Pantai di Melaka.

12.25 am : Bertolak ke Ayer Keroh dalam hujan lebat yang sedang mencurah.

1.40 am : Tiba di unit kecemasan. Tapi temperature Adam dah reduced. Doc tetap check. MO tu straight bagi order utk siapkan wad dan dripkan dia. Kenapa? Sbb tonsil Adam dah sangat besar. Almost block tekak dia. No wonder dia tidur pun nampak dia macam suffocate. And dia memang susah nak makan sebab tonsil dia dah infected dengan kronik sekali.

Nurse pun sapulah cream bius sbb nak cucuk jarum kat dia.

Selepas bertampal krim nie di ER, di bawa naik ke wad pula untuk mencucuk jarum dan kemudiannya admission ke wad.

Lepas tu, bermulalah segala macam ragam di hospital. Penat sebenarnya jaga orang sakit di hospital. Orang yang tak pernah jaga memang tak rasa. Nampak mcm duduk jer, tak der angkat barang berat mcm buruh kasar. Tapi kita sebenarnya penat perasaan. kejap2 temperature naik...nurse berlari2 call doc tgh2 malam. Pukul 4 pagi nurse masuk tanya seribu satu soklan.
- Tadi dia ada kecing tak...kaler apa
- Tadi dia minum air apa...berapa ml dia minum?
- Makan apa tadi...berapa banyak dia makan?
- Ada muntah tak
- Nak tukar antibiotik lain, boleh yer puan?

Adam pun sampai naik penat melayan 'kerenah' tonsil dia.

Adoiii.....kena sentiasa alert kan. And this time, doc very serious untuk buang tonsil dia. So, operation dia scheduled on 26th Nov 2009. Sebenarnya aku sangat takut, tapi no choice dah, sebab almost semua antibiotik dah malfunction pada dia.

Doakanlah keselamatan Adam yer....


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Kadang-kadang, kita sering menerima respon yang tidak dijangka dari kalangan orang disekeliling kita. Kita sering dikejutkan dengan perlakuan dan kata-kata yang mengguris hati...tanpa kita ketahui sebab musababnya. Kadang-kadang perlakuan kita disalahertikan oleh manusia di lingkungan kita sebagai pesimis, sedangkan perlakuan kita nawaitunya ada lah optimis. Maka kita pun merenung kembali dalam diri kita. Salah di mana aku hari ini? Salah kepada manusiakah ...atau salah kepada Yang Maha Berkuasa kah? Kenapa hati ini rasa cukup terguris dengan alunan respons dari orang kesayangan kita? Balasan salah akukah...atau sekadar menguji ketabahan hati? Entahlah.....bila jawapan tetap tidak ditemui, maka kita hanya mampu berserah. Tawakkaltu 'Alallah......
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I was preparing to go to work yesterday morning but was stunned to found that the Astro Citra was showing The Red Kebaya movie. I've watched it before. Once. And I found that story was really interesting and attractive. And I know I have to watch it again in silent and mentally put myself in the movie to join the characters. And I was torn. Should I stay and watch it till finish and tell my boss that I'll be late for whatever reasons, or shall I ignore it and head of to work? Noowwwww.....that is nafsu. So I turned off the tv and straight ahead to office. Somehow, I just couldn't stop thinking about the movie.
Those who do not have any idea what the movie is all about, may read the following lines.
Thriller/Drama,2006,96 minutes,English,16:9 Anamorphic,Dolby 5.1,M (Moderate violence),- SLIDE SHOW - FOUR MUSIC SOUND TRACK,Oliver Knott,Ramli Hassan, Vanidah Imran, Bob Mercer, Samantha Schubert,* "An effective mix of creativity with good artistic direction, and well-balanced intensity that plays with the audience's emotions." Monsterblog.com,Latiff, a famous but lonely photographer who was orphaned as a small child, sets out on an expedition to photograph abandoned houses around Malaysia. On his journey he is haunted by images and sounds that remind him of his traumatic childhood. At one particular house on the island of Penang he is transported back through time to witness the shocking events that took place in the house over 50 years ago. Through his experience, Latiff understands the tragic circumstances that led to him being orphaned and also finds an old friend.
More or less, that is what you could find in the movie. But for me, the most outstanding value being shouted of from the movie is the strength of love. How deep is the love of John as an expats to Azizah, a joget dancer. But Azizah is not a 'typical' joget dancer as what the Zahim Al-Bakri mentioned in the movie. The based line is, she has to work as the dancer to survive.
A very beautiful emotions, very sincere actions by the actors. Though some part are not smooth and natural, but most of the scenes has powerfully engaged the audiences. I must say that I was very much surprised that Malaysia is actually capable of producing such a romantic and unique movie like this. A few scenes that I like most :
1) Latiff stopped for lunch at a R&R and ordered nasi campur. Fauziah Nawi made an interesting appearance. " ......padan muka ko...ko tak nak sambal aku, nam hengget ko kena bayar...."
2) The butler and wife ( the cook ) paid back to Samantha at the ais kacang stalls and they proudly announced that they are smarter than that snobbish English because they can speak 3 languages : Malays, Tamil and English
3) John teaching Latiff (child) on how to use the camera.
4) All John's & Azizah's scene in this film.
5) The very remarkable Patrick Teoh's scenes.
Movie was released in the year of 2006 and I didn't remember the publicity was loudly announced. Ok, maybe it was announced but I didn't listened...? Hmm.. if I didn't hear it, no wonder Malaysians hardly notice it. ( I am so significant, eh..? Hahahahah ).
Well...This is still a very beautiful and close to heart movie. It's slow, yes. But if you can cope with literature, you will agree with my lines.
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Tau tak nie gambar saper? Ini gambar Amy Mastura masa dia tengah muda belia. Masa nie..aku pun tengah muda belia juga. Antara cerita paling best aku nengok : Puteri Impian.
Amy Mastura dapat award pelakon Wanita Terbaik untuk filem nie. Dan memang cantik pun lakonan dia... comparing dengan lakonan dia dalam cerita apa aku dah lupa, tapi berlakon dengan Azhar Sulaiman sakit kanser tu yg shooting kat Cameron Highland tu. Gila teruk lakonan dia dalam cerita tu. Cerita tu skrip menarik, jalan cerita menarik, tapi penataan bunyi sangat2 cikai. Spoil the whole movie quality.
Anyway, bebaru nie aku di buai lagi dengan dongengan dan angan-angan dek kerana menonton filem Puteri Impian nie. Dulu aku menonton untuk mencari hiburan saja. Sekarang, selaras dengan kematangan usia, aku mencari kewarasan Nora sebagai orang yang menolak rezeki. Aku sangat2 tak terima dia menolak lamaran Tengku Faisal tu. Apa alasannya???? Sebab dia bukanlah kerabat di raja..dia hanya rakyat biasa yang sepatutnya stay sebagai rakyat biasa. Alasan macam nie, disebarkan dalam filem sebagi hiburan sekaligus mendidik mentaliti masyarakat yang secara tak langsungnya mengekang peningkatan prestasi kehidupan seseorang. Bonda Tengku faisal tu pun ngaku dia orang biasa, dapat jadi Permaisuri, and Si Nora ni pulak mengada-ngada nak menegakkan benang yang basah. Dia tak sepatutnya takut untuk pikul tanggungjawab sebagai pemimpin. Itulah peluang dia pun untuk mengubah dunia. Takkanlah dah jadi Permaisuri tak leh jumpa kengkawan kilang....mestilah dia boleh hang out dengan kawan-kawannya. It's all about prioritize things and time management saja.
And...dia konon2nya sukalah kat Cico yang selekeh tu kan. Eishhhh....dah sah2 orang tu sangat ego, sangat tak romantik...asyik cari gaduh....kenapa nak jugak? Long term life, ciri-ciri Tg Faisal yang sangat penyabar dan saksama dan bijak tu yang lebih menjamin. Eish...Puteri Nora....hidup bukan sekadar berlandaskan cinta. Cinta harus seiring dengan saling menghormati, saling menerima dan memberi, saling memahami dan saling bertolak ansur, sepertimana hubungan antara Nora dan Tg Faisal tu. Yang berubah hanyalah cara berpakaian, cara makan dan cara bercakap. Of course dia tak bleh nak selalu meloncat-loncat, menjerit-jerit.
And kalau tgk sambungan Puteri Impian 2 pun, tiada kepastian yang Nora nie dapat dari Cico tu. Dia dah membazir semua peluang yang ada. Orang tua-tua kata, jangan tolak rezeki...nanti rezeki kita mahalll....
Conclusion : Bengang giler laa aku sbb dia reject Tg Faisal tu...eiiiiiiiiiii

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Yer...Aku adalah rakyat yang bertanggungjawab. Aku dah mendaftar sebagai pengundi dengan Suruhanjaya PilihanRaya Malaysia. Dan aku juga telah menjalankan tanggungjawab untuk mengundi. Aku undi siapa? Eh...undi kita kan rahsia.......

Ini pengalaman pertama dalam hidup aku mengundi dalam Pilihan Raya Kecil. Selalunya undi besar-besaran yang seluruh negara tu. Dan selalu aku baca dalam newspaper suasana hiruk pikuk dalam kawasan pilihanraya tu. Dan kali nie, aku mengalaminya sendiri. Malang juga sebab aku tak betul-betul menggunakan kesempatan yang ada untuk mendengar kempen dan mendapatkan input yang lebih dalam membuat pilihan. Apakan daya...aku kan keje kat KL. Bila balik PD...hubby plak tak kasi pergi. Dia takut la kan kalau orang gaduh ke..apa ke..... Time dia bagi permission pulak...masa dah suntuk sangat...Agaknya kalau aku pegi, tak sempat parking keter lagi...ceramah kempen pun dah habis agaknya...Owwwhhh..sedihnyaaaa....

Anyway...daripada Hari Penamaan Calon lagi, kawasan kami dah mula didatangi orang ramai dari entah mana. Masa tu la nak tengok menteri-menteri turun salam dengan penoreh getah...masa tu lah....tanpa kad undangan...orang-orang kenamaan ni menyatakan hasrat untuk attend open house Hari Raya. Yer...termasuklah open house Hari Raya Pak Su aku...dihadiri oleh Menteri Pertahanan kita, YB Dato' Seri Ahmad Zahid bin Hamidi. Merasalah jugak semua masyarakat kampung aku mendengar janji-janji kerajaan. Entah ditunaikan ker...atau tidak, Wallahu'alam.

Menjelang hari mengundi....semakin banyak perkara yang berlaku. Cuma yang aku sangat kesalkan, peranan media Malaysia dalam kebebasan menyebarkan maklumat tersengkang dek kuasa politik. Mereka-mereka yang terlibat dalam media dan tidak berlaku adil dalam tugas mereka, aku wish good luck di Padang Mahsyar. Aku bukan menyebelahi parti pembangkang dan aku tak kata aku orang BN. Aku cuma tak puas hati bila media report kata parti pembangkang pukul orang, sedangkan kenyataannya mereka hanya mempertahankan diri. Aku kesal segala ancaman dan serangan yang diterima oleh parti pembangkang tidak di apikkan oleh masyarakat.

Satu contoh yang nyata dan jelas buktinya dan ada saksi : Seorang jentera parti pembangkang sedang berehat seketika di bawah khemah urusetia kerana sakit kepala, tiba-tiba didatangi sekumpulan pemuda parti lawan yang tidak semena-mena mengasak dan menghentam beliau. Beliau bagaimanapun dia berjaya menaiki motorsikal, dan lari ke balai polis terdekat untuk menyelamatkan diri. Namun, walau di depan pintu balai polis sekalipun, mangsa yang malang ini tetap dipukul dan diterajang tak tentu pasal. Tapi peristiwa nie tak pula dilaporkan dalam newspaper, dalam radio, dalam tv..kan..kan..kan.... Kenapa? Jawapannya kita semua sedia maklum. Jadi, teranglah di depan mata aku, bersaksikan deria kurniaan Allah yang lain, siapa yang samseng sebenarnya.

Aku tetap spend weekend tu kat Melaka sebab ada a few jemputan. Manage utk gerak ke PD dari Melaka almost 3pm. Mengundi selesai jam 5pm. Selalunya ok jer timing tu. Tapi lupa plak jalan mesti jem. Banyak kali terpaksa melepasi sekatan jalan. Bila aku kata aku kena segera mengundi, baru polis benarkan lalu. Rasa mcm VIP la plak. Lalu di Telok Kemang, keadaan masih panas dengan FRU team berbaris panjang dan bersiap sedia.....

Malas cerita lagi lah....tengok jer lah gambar-gambar nie semua yer....

Suasana hari mengundi di Telok Kemang dengan FRU

Ketibaan Dato' Seri Zahid Hamidi

Nak tahu tak? Orang yang ada jambang bersalaman dengan Dato' Seri Zahid Hamidi tu lah calon majority pilihan penduduk sebenarnya, bukan calon yang menang tu. Tapi apakan daya, penduduk banyak yang terhutang budi dengan BN.

Yang pakai baju kaler biru tu Pak Su aku....

Sedang memberikan harapan-harapan kepada orang kampung

Ini adalah Bilik Gerakan Pilihanraya di Kg Baru Si Rusa...

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Tadi kan...adalaa sorang opismate nie.....kelam kabut dia tanya semua orang ada gula-gula tak. Rupa2nya...dia kata dia baru lepas telan buah tunjuk langit. Dia kata sangat pahit. Buah tu utk darah tinggi dia. Bebaru nie doc sahkan dia kena darah tinggi. Dia tunjuklaa rupa buah tu mcm mana. Tapi x dapek nak tempek gambau. Lately nieh...aku ada masalah dlm amik gambar. Barang belum habis punggah dari kotak-kotak, so aku belum jumpa mana aku letak camera aku. HP aku plak kena cilok dgn dear hubby since hp dia lemas dalam laut masa dia gie mancing arie tuh....

Anyway....boleh laa nak refer kat http://www.tunjuklangit.com/ kalau nak refer2 kan. Banyak khasiat dia. Aku rasa bapak aku pernah makan dulu and dia tak makan lagi dah. Dia kata extremely pahit. Eisshhhh...kalau dia yang dah biasa telan pucuk betik, ulam peria katak semua kata extremely pahit...aku apa tah lagi. Dia kata dah basuh tangan 4-5 kali pun kalau makan nasi...terasa lagi pahitnya. Tapi kat website tu..diorang dah extractkan...masuk dalam kapsul. Kurang laa sikit pahitnya. Aku rasa mcm nak try laa... Hubby bebaru nie buat med check-up ada sikit border line BP dia....mau kena kontrol sikit.

So....sesaper yang ada sedara mara ada kencing manis ke...darah tinggi ke...kolesterol tinggi ke..resdung ke...boleh la kasi try......
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Open House ke....? Hmmm...x der lah sangat. It's more macam gathering of family and friends. Friends pun...x der lah announce beriya-iya sangat. Takut....sbb masak sendiri and this is my first time. Takut apa? Bukan takut tak cukup...takut tak sedaaappp.....

Menu :
Soto Nasi Impit
Bee Hoon Soto
Kuay Tiaw Goreng
Sambal Goreng Jawa PD
Swiss Roll Cake
Butter cake Selamat Hari Raya
Moist Choc Cake
Fruit Cake
Kuih Bingka Ubi
Kuih Raya
Air Oren

Ingatkan tak dapat sambutan. Sekali tu..Alhamdulillah....ramai yang sudi hadir. Takut sangat food tak cukup dah dihujung-hujung. Alhamdulillah cukup. Ada lebih la...takder laa cukup-cukup. Cuma yang tak cukup tu, sambal goreng jer. Sorry yer Ita...x sempat nak simpankan.
And Sunday nite tu....memang rasa flat sangat badan. Sangat penat rupanya jadi host nie. Nasib baik tak demam-demam. Tapi malam tu memang tak boleh tidur sebab terlalu sakit2 badan plus rasa puas hati dan seronok semuanya berjalan lancar.

Insyaallah....future nanti...kalau ada rezeki....kita buat yang proper sikit...buat malam hari...kasi suasana raya sikit kan.... Buat siang hari nie....panas rupanya...hehehehe. Tapi takder choice....sebab tak amik cuti untuk prepare.
In future...kena amik cuti jugak laa...tak larat rupanya kalau tak amik cuti....hihihih....

To all yang tak datang....next time wajib datang yer...... Insyaallah.....
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Dear friends....

I am honoured to invite all of you for a Hari Raya gathering at my house on this coming Sunday dates 27th September 2009. Time will be from noon to evening. Address will be at Taman Bukit Emas, Alor Gajah, Melaka.

It's not really an open house, but its a gathering of friends and family only. Since I'm not always available, then me and hubby decided that we should call our friends to lighten up this year's Raya celebration together.

Kalau sesat...call la saya. Jangan ilangkan fon number saya yer....

See you all then....

P/S : Darlina & Baya & Ita...... wa ada masak sambal goreng tawwww.....
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Sejak 2 bulan lepas...memang sangat sibuk. Sangat banyak perkara yang terjadi dalam hidup kita kan. Tapi aku rasa, kehidupan aku nie, memang lain sikit laa dari orang lain. Ada-ada jer issue baru yang timbul. Alhamdulillah....itu tanda kasih sayang Allah pada kita semua yer tak... Lain dugaan setiap hambaNya.

Anyway....semoga tidak terlambat untuk aku wish semua orang yang mengenali diri ini dengan ucapan : SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI. Berhati-hati di jalan raya dan berhati-hati ketika shopping. dengan virus H1N1 masih belum surut, dengan nafsu shopping kita semakin membara.... macam-macam boleh jadi kan.

Semoga kita semua dapat bertemu kembali dengan Ramadhan yang akan datang. Insyaallah......
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Al-Fatihah buat Yasmin Ahmad. Aku sangat terasa rugi kehilangan dia ok..... Sebab aku sangat seronok berada di alam yang dia sampaikan dalam filem dia. Aku tak kira laa siapa dia dulu and siapa dia sekarang. Yang penting, keikhlasan objektif dia dalam hasil karya dia sangat jelas. Mesej dia sampai terus dalam hati sesiapa saja yang menonton. And aku tak pernah beli karya dia yang cetak rompak. Aku baru jer berangan nanti dia akan buat cerita lain pasal Mukhsin sebab watak tu boleh dikembangkan lagi macam Orked. And based pada feedbacks ramai orang, watak Mukhsin tu berjaya mencairkan jiwa yang karat....

Apa-apa pun, semoga kita akan berjumpa dengan karyawan yang setanding beliau. Ameeenn.....
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Maknanya dua puluh sen. Apa yang 20 sen? Korang tau kan saiz duit 20sen tu mcm mana kan...? Ha...anak aku yang bijak bistari tu... TERTELANN.....!!!!! Yer....... dia telah tertelan duit syiling 20 sen sekeping.

Ceritanya...pada suatu petang jumaat bertarikh 26 jun 2009, dia telah berbaring2 sambil menonton citer spongebob. Entah mcm mana...dia main lambung2 duit syiling 40sen ( 2 keping 20 posen ). Mungkin dia ralit sangat, dia masukkan 2 keping syiling tu dalam mulut dia...kulum2 la kot kan. And sambil2 baring tu dia kulum...dia terasa mcm syiling tu dah ter...sampai ke anak tekak. So dia cepat2 kuarkan dari mulut dia. Tapi hanya sekeping saja yg berjaya dia kuarkan. Sekeping lagi dia telah selamat telan. Dia jadi panik, maka dia cuba muntahkan. Bila atuk dia tanya kenapa..dia takut nak jawab...katanya x der apa2. Tapi atuk dia dah nampak sekeping syiling yang masih basah atas lantai. Atuk dia sudah suspect dia telan syiling. Bila nenek pujuk...dia pun mengaku laa sambil meraung2. Dia sudah takut perut dia akan kena belah. So, mak su dia pun mengemergencykan transportation utk ke hospital hantar dia. Sampai di hospital...nurse2 lelaki dan perempuan pakat gelak ramai2. Diorang kata : Apsal ko makan duit dik...apsal tak makan cekelat? Tapi bila x-ray, nampak la syiling tu bertepek di dalam perut bahagian atas. Tak masuk usus pun. Ok laa... doktor kata nanti lama2 dia akan kuar sendiri melalui **o...ouukkk**. Selepas 2 minggu, x ray sekali lagi...yer betul...telah ghaib dari perut dia. Yang kelakarnya...dia ckp dengan doktor : Tapi saya tak pernah dengar pun bunyi dia berdenting tiap2 kali saya **tuutt **...? ( Apalah nak bunyi kalau syiling tu 'bersalut' kan ) Eisshhhh....macam2 laaa perangai anak aku nie....
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Teruk ekk aku ekk......sebulan sekali jer aku buat n3 dlm blog aku kan....

Anyway, sorry la...aku memang sangat2 busy. Minggu nie ada lega sikit la.....
Busy sebab apa? Ha....rentetan daripada story aku konpius tu kan....dah start cuti sekolah 2 minggu kan. Aku adala juga plan nak bawak dia jalan2 sehari ke.....tapi aku mcm busy la. Laki aku pun busy. So, Adam ikut adik aku lepak kat Kuala Pilah...about 5 days juga la. Tp, 2nd last day tu, aku tido umah adik aku....sajer nak spend holiday time dengan Adam.

That nite, dia demam. And sebenarnya...dia non-stop bercakap pasal kebimbangan dia pada sekolah. Macam2 la. Takut cikgu marah kerja tak siap...takut cikgu marah dia buat lukisan tak cantik...takut ustazah marah sebab dia tak habis salin doa.... Macam2. And kebimbangan dia tu sangat melampau, sampai kita yang adult nie semua ikut rasa tension. And kebimbangan dia makin hari makin parah.

Every morning, bangun tidur jer dia nangis, takut cikgu marah. Tengah2 malam, dia bangun, suluh torchlight kat jadual skolah dia...dia kata dia takut masuk kelas BM. And finally the next week tu, 2nd week of school holiday tu....dia demam. Aku jaga Adam kat melaka masa weekend.

Mcm biasa, Sunday nite, bawak balik PD. Kebetulan mak aku ada laa pegi rumah ada makcik tu kat Melaka. So, aku ingat bolehlah ajak makan2 dgn parents aku...lepas tu bolehlah laki aku transportkan aku ngan Adam dgn mak aku jer.

Adam masa tu tak larat. Dia sangat tak terdaya nak bangun untuk dinner. So, terpaksa laa aku ngan laki aku dukung dia bergilir2. Takut nak tinggalkan dlm kereta sebab kedai tu ialah medan ikan bakar terapung kat Kuala Linggi. So, parking keter kat tepi pantai..and kena lalu jambatan panjanggggg tu ke tengah laut sikit. And we all makan la...sambil Adam teruskan tidur dia kat satu bench tu. Dia jarang mcm tu. Tapi aku suspect dia maybe ngantuk sgt sebab makan ubat. Tapi hati aku x sedap.

Tgh2 makan...aku gi juga raba kepala dia. Mmg panas sangat. Aku dah x senang duduk. Aku discuss ngan laki aku, we all nak bawak balik ke Ayer Keroh...tgk hospital buat apa. Sbb dah masuk seminggu dia demam mcm tu...antibiotik pun dah habis makan. Mak aku tak agree....mak aku soh bawak balik umah dulu....dia kata boleh tuam...sok pagi kalau x ok bwk gi jumpa doktor lain. Tapi aku nie kan cepat panik. Aku tetap nak bawak gi spital gak.

So, aku pun pecut la kereta malam tu. Reach Pantai Hospital lebih kurang kol 1 pagi. Diorang check temperature dia...dah 40 degrees. Staff nurse semua dah kelam kabut....mandikan dia...masukkan bullet....balut lagi dengan towel basah..... Adam dah nangis jerit2 sebab dia takut tengok semua orang panik. And dia muntah2. Sekali tu muntah dia ada darah. Adoii....menggeletar aku masa tu. Tapi doktor check...darah tu sebab tonsil dia sangat bengkak and dah luka ulcer2 yang kat tonsil dia. So, mmg no choice..terpaksa warded. Kena masuk drip sebab dia nak telan air pun nangis2. Sesaper yang pernah kena tonsil nie, tau la mcm mana sakitnya nak makan...nak minum.

So, duduk lah aku kat hospital tu for the whole week. Adam pun x pergi mana2 lagi sampaila skolah buka balik. And sepanjang di hospital pun dia selalu nangis sebab takut nak jumpa cikgu dia. Dia sangat tertekan.

Adam keluar hospital 2 days before skolah buka. Dia rehat kejap kat rumah. So, 1st day tu, aku hantar la dia ke skolah, tapi......

Dia tak nak masuk skolah. Dia nangis2, jerit2, lari nak masuk kereta balik. Aku tak tau apa nak buat. Aku terpaksa tunggu nak cakap dengan guru besar dia. Tapi guru besar tu datang lambat sangat. Aku gie jumpa guru Pk jer. And aku blame skolah...apa yg cikgu dia buat sampai budak tu jadi terlalu takut and , sampai demam2. Kira dah usik kesihatan anak aku. Ini dah kira melibatkan nyawa anak aku. Aku tetap akan blame sekolah...sbb kalau anak aku yang malas nak ke sekolah....bukanlah di pertengahan tahun. And dia takkan la sampai amik torchlight tengah2 malam...check timetable skolah. And dia takkan belek buku skolah dia berpuluh kali just to make sure tak ada benda lain yang dia terlupa nak buat.

That day memang really big drama. Perhimpunan hari Isnin skolah tu terganggu. More than half cikgu skolah tu try pujuk dia. Sampai pakcik kantin pun ikut cuba pujuk dia. Tapi aku tetap tinggalkan dia kat skolah. Dia ckp, dalam pada nangis tu...cikgu BM tu pernah pukul dia sebab dia tak siapkan kerja skolah. Dia menulis lambat sikit...so dia tak sempat salin. Aku dah tengok buku dia. Banyak ok....nak kena salin. Sampai 3 pages tau. Apalaa yang budak darjah satu, baru start skolah a few months boleh buat. Kena salin karangan, soalan2, and contoh2 peribahasa. Takkan cikgu tu tak boleh kaw tim? Bukan Adam sorang la...budak lain pun ada kena...tapi effect pada Adam sangat teruk. Malanglah cikgu tu sebab tahun nie ada anak murid macam Adam. Budak yang dah pandai pk...kenapa aku kena rotan...aku kecik lagi..aku belum boleh menulis dengan pantas....and bla..bla..bla....

Selepas diselidik, rupa2nya, kes sebenarnya begini. Adam dan beberapa orang rakan sekelasnya di rotan di depan kelas sebab buku latihan BM hilang. Mereka cari, kami cari di rumah, cari lagi merata2, tapi tak jumpa. Aku pergi cari di kedai2 buku, tak ada juga.

Last2 aku jumpa cikgu tu sendiri dan minta maaf sebab anak aku terrrhilang buku tu. So, nak beli kat mana? Sebab aku dah puas tanya merata2 kedai buku, semuanya dah kehabisan.

Cikgu tu sombong, kooo. Dia nak tak nak jawab soklan aku dengan muka yang garang dan sombong tanpa senyuman : " Memang buku tu dah tak ada stok! Saya pun tak tau bila nak ada stok baru. Siapa suruh pelajar hilangkan buku?"

Wah..! Eksyen ekk...cakap dengan ibu bapa pun cenggitu. Kita punyalah bersopan santun bercakap dengan dia.

Takper, aku usahakan juga di KL. Last2 kawan2 aku pun ikut cari. Ada satuu jer kedai di Melawati yang ada jual. Kebetulan, dalam masa yang sama, Adam call. Dia kata dah jumpa. Cikgu tu yang salah letak di bilik guru. Tapi cikgu tak cakap sorry pun. Satu, tuduh pelajar macam nak rak hilangkan buku, walhal dia yang hilangkan. Kedua, dia rotannnnn budak2 tu!

And Adam masih trauma untuk ke sekolah.

So, aku n family aku fight dengan pihak sekolah. Of course sekolah tak nak admit kesalahan dia. Of course akan blame we all. Dia akan kata Adam terlalu di manjakan sbb anak tunggal. Well...they are totally wrong. We all tak manjakan dia macam tu.

After few days aku complaint, no action from school. Bapak aku pulak jumpa gurubesar dia. Wait for a couple of days...still mcm tu. Tak ada action. And Adam still macam tu...menangis jerit2 x nak pergi skolah. Tapi we all tetap tinggalkan dia kat skolah...dgn guru kelas dia. And dia mmg menangis kat kelas...and tak boleh belajar apa pun sebab asyik nangis. And cikgu BM yang dia takutkan tu...x pernah langsung call we all untuk discuss...apologize memang jauh sekali la kan. Silap laa skolah tu. Diorang buat diam jer even after we all complaint. Dia ingat mak bapak aku dok kampung....tak tau laa apa action yang kita boleh buat kot.

Skolah Adam nie pun skolah kampung and adik aku yang cikgu tu pun kata skolah nie tak ikut prosedur. Aku dah prepare surat and dah list segala kesalahan skolah tu. Adik aku ada hantar Adam ke skolah and check sendiri skolah tu. Dia nyer guru kaunseling tak buat kerja, cikgu kelas dia tak ikut prosedur and guru besar dia lewat amik action, lebih lama dari yang ditetapkan dalam polisi perguruan.

Aku ingat nak bagi masa dalam 2 hari lagi seblom aku shoot surat komplen ke Kementerian, tapi bapak aku sudah hilang sabar daaa pada suatu hari tu. Pagi2 tu bapak aku antar Adam and dia nangis gak...panjat balik motor...x nak masuk skolah. Yg pelik, kat rumah dia ok...pakai baju skolah semua. Tapi sampai jer skolah..dia mcm phobia sangat.

 Then bapak aku hilang sabar...dia cari cikgu BM tu. Jumpa cikgu tu tengah mengajar budak kelas darjah lain. Bapak aku menonong masuk....tanya nama cikgu tu....confirm cikgu yang betul...terus bapak aku tengking cikgu tu. Memang pucat lesi muka cikgu tu. And still..dia tak apologise kat Adam. Berani lagi dia ugut Adam, konon2 Adam menipu. Dia kata dia bukan rotan kuat pun....sikit jer. Apa hallll cikgu nie. Sikit pun rotan laaaa. Kalau dia rotan sbb anak aku buat salah besar kat skolah....aku x der hal. Ini...sbb buku hilang yang mana cikgu tu sendiri yang salah letak. Hangin gua beb. Bapak aku warning cikgu tu : Saya nak kes nie selesai hari nie jugak.....sebelum saya bawak perkara nie ke pihak atasan..!!!

Tgh hari tu....guru besar dia panggil...bawak bincang...presentkan option diorang. Ok...adalaa effort kan. Tak banyak, sikit. Ini kalau tak...buat derk jer. Opss...lupa plak. Lepas bapak aku tengking cikgu tu...baru Adam nak masuk ke kelas. Sbb dia dah nampak cikgu tu tak boleh marah atuk dia. So, dia rasa secure sikit.

Tapiii...cikgu kelas Adam, bawak Adam ke bilik guru...rupa2nya cikgu BM tu tengah nangis sbb bapak aku tengking dia tadi. Apa purpose cikgu kelas tu pun aku x paham. Nak soh anak aku rasa bersalah ke? Saper yang salah?

And sebenarnya cousin2 aku dulu semua cikgu tu yang ajar gak. Memang dia ternyata cikgu yang paling garang. Semua budak2 skolah tak suka dia langsunggggg. Selama nie dia buat sewenang2nya pada budak lain agaknya...tapi parents x pernah ngadu. Maklumlaa...orang kampung. Diorang ingat anak diorang jahat sangat kot. Silap laaa dia ajar anak aku. Memang satu turning point dalam hidup dia. Aku harap lepas2 ni, dia dapat gunakan pendekatan lain untuk attract kecemerlangan anak2 murid dia.

Tapi..sepanjang sebulan tu...aku berulang alik dari PD ke KL. Sbb anak aku needs my morale support. Boleh tak....cikgu kelas dia soh mak bapak aku bawak Adam ber'ubat' sbb kononnya takutlaa skolah tu ada 'gangguan'. Eishhhh.....tak paham aku. Mentaliti macam ni pun ada? Kementerian pendidikan needs to improve her teachers.

Takder pun aku bawak. Sbb aku yakin ini bukan 'gangguan' halus. Ini gangguan management skolah tu. Tapi, aku buatkan juga la air penawar untuk anak aku sendiri. Bukan apa pun...baca yasin jer...kita doa sendiri. Kita kan ibu dia....

Last week, Alhamdulillah dah ada perubahan. Tapi, cikgu BM tu tetap x tegur Adam. Last2 Adam yang beralah...dia tegur cikgu tu. Dia buat2 tanya soklan. Sbb Adam rasa tak seronok nak belajar dengan cikgu yang ignore dia and pandang dia pun sambil jeling2. Ishh....anak aku budak ke...atau cikgu tu tak cukup kasih sayang? Tapi bila Adam tegur tu...last2 dia ngaku la. : Adam...cikgu marah budak yang nakal jer. Dulu tu cikgu dah salah.

Ok...kes close. Now, aku dah tak perlu berulang alik lagi. Penat woo berulang 200km everyday. penat badan, minda, poket....semua la....eishhh.

Itu la sebabnya aku dah lama tak posting dlm blog nie. Hopefully lepas nie semua akan aman damai kembali.

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Mmg x zalim ekkk aku? Tapi kan.....tgh hari tu, aku call dia. Tanya mcm mana. Dia kata : Mama, abang nak minta maaf sebab abang susahkan mama. Abang sakit tak teruk sangat. Abang muntah 4 kali jer kat sekolah. Mama maafkan abang yer.....

Muntah...??? 4 kalii....???!!!!! Means he was really sick.... uwaaa..sedihnyaaaa.... I am a monster

And, tomorrownyer, kenduri berlangsungla lepas Isya'. Kebetulan, ada sorang classmate Adam attend kenduri tu, in which a surprise. Sbb family budak tu baru pindah and budak tu pun x jangka akan jumpa Adam. So, aku pun intvw budak tu pasal Adam. Katanya :

- Adam tak jahat pun kat skolah. Dia banyak cakap jer
- Semalam Adam sakit perut. Dia jalan pegi kantin pun dia sampai jatuh-jatuh
- Adam tak pernah lawan cakap cikgu pun. Tapi budak2 suka kacau Adam

Owwhh...hiba sungguh hati aku. Anak aku memang betul2 sakit rupanya.

Darling, it won't happenned again ok...Mama promise.
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Pagi tadi..masa aku tgh bersiap2 nak pegi keje...tengah gosok2 baju, tetiba tepon aku bunyik. Nombor yang tak kenal. Tetiba dengar sore boy itu dalam tepon..

Nangis2 dia cakap : Maamaaa....abang sakit peruuutt...
Aku culture shock kejap.. Aik..mcmmm sore anak aku. Adam ke? Aku tembak jer tanya : Kat mana nie? Pakai tepon saper nie?
Dia kata : Kat skolah. Pakai tepon ustazah. Ustazah kata tepon mama...mama balik laa amik abang kat skolah....
Aku dah panik..Anak aku sakitt....!!!
" Abg tunggu, nnt mama tepon atuk soh amik kat skolah ". Dia pun hang up sambil nangis2 tu.

Aku call kampung...x der org jawab. Banyak kali. Aku dah panik. Dgn baju kurung yang separuh bergosok...aku cepat2 kuar rumah...konon nak rushing amik dia kat skolah. Ingatkan nanti call boss..kata EL. Tapi baru masuk keter, bapak ku tepon. Lepas dgr citer..dia gelak2. Dia kata pg tadi anak aku x nak gie skolah...pening la..apa la. Yer la kan..arie nie last day skolah..sok dah cuti. Ramai budak dh x gie skolah. Pas tu plak..mlm td dia tido kol 12 sbb ikut gi umah Tok Cu dia..sbb ikut mak aku gi rewang. Dgr citer..dia ikut naik lori gi amik khemah bagai. Tu pasal laa dia x nak skolah. And aku rasa...mmg dia x cukup tido..so dia pening and ada sikit nausea la kot. Emosi pun x stabil..maklumlaa..x cukup tido. And maybe juga kurang kasih sayang dari aku..iskk..iskk..iskk...cedihnyer....

At the end..aku call bali cikgu dia..ckp kitorang x amik dia. Sbb arie nie jumaat...skolah balik cepat. Biarlah dia kat skolah...at least ada juga yang dia blajar nnt walaupun sikit.

Aku zalim sangat ke...?
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Hari nie, hati sangat sayu....

Hari nie, aku rasa sangat terharu.....

Hari nie, aku rasa sangat geram.....

Hari nie, aku pasrah.....

Hari nie, aku redha....

Salah sorang best friend aku...yang aku start kenal sejak dari hari pertama aku keje kat sini...yang melalui segala suka dan duka bersama...personal atau kerja sama jer, yang menjadi panduan dan rujukan aku selama-lamanya ini akhirnya akan mengorak langkah baru dan menapak keluar daripada gelungan company kami.

Yer...Ita resign, 24 hours notice. Dan sebab musabab resign itu adalah kerana ingin memperjuangkan hak hakikinya. Aku setuju dengan tindakan dia. Tak sedikit pun aku bantah. Sebab aku yakin dia dah buat segala yang perlu untuk mempertimbangkannya....

Pergilah Ita....kami restukan....

Yang pasti..segala kenangan pahit, manis, kenyang, lapar....semuanya akan terpahat abadi.

Yang pasti...hari ini bukanlah pengakhiran untuk sebuah persahabatan....

Yang pasti.....aku sentiasa mendoakan segala kebahagiaan dan kegembiraan yang mutlak untuk seorang wanita tabah yang bernama ETHA.....


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Baru-baru nie, Adam demam. Adam demam adalah perkara panic biasa yang berlaku dalam family we all. Sebabnya Adam ada tonsilitis... so memang amat mudah demam. Masalahnya hero ku itu tak pandai langsungggg berpantang. Antara pantang-pantang yang dia kena ikut ialah : No ais, no ice-cream, no air berkarbonat, tak leh tido and idup dalam aircond, tak leh tido atas lantai, tak leh main tengah panas and tak leh berendam lelama sangat. Masalahnya...itu semuaaaa benda2 feveret dia. Maka pada minggu lepas, dia pun di kunjungi oleh Encik Demam itu. Dan masa pergi klinik, dia menangis-nangis hiba di depan doktor.

Doktor : Kenapa nangis..? Sedih ker?
Adam : ( angguk...angguk..anggukk dan nangis )
Aku : Doktor, dia sebenarnya takut terkena virus H1N1.
Doktor : ( Tergelak besar sambil geleng-geleng ) Jangan takut. Itu orang lain yang kena. Awak ada pergi Amerika?
Adam : ( Geleng-geleng )
Doktor : Mexico?
Adam : ( Geleng-geleng )
Doktor : Ha..apa yang awak nak takutkan. Thailand ada pergi?
Adam : MAMAAAAA!!!!!!! ( Meraung dengan tangis hiba...)
Doktor : Alamak...!!

Yer, anak aku mengikuti perkembangan semasa disebabkan dia terpaksa menonton berita setiap malam bersama atuk dan neneknya....

Sekian terima kasih
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Haa....Baya and Darlene knew that I went to Bangkok for the 2nd time. This time, without Adam and it's a very short trip, 2D1N only. Following from the previous postings, I managed to snap a few pics in SomBoon....

Ini namanya, Steam Seabass. Sorryla..dah nampak tulang, baru tingat nak amik gambor. Punyalaa kebuluran masa tu.....

Ini pula, Garlic Prawn. Memula aku ingat dia goreng, rupa2nya kukus dengan garlic and oyster sauce.

Tom Yam Goong....a compulsory dish....memang meletupss...pedass..Kira kalau makan gelojoh sikit, memang sampai ke dalam idung la tersedak.

Ha....inilah signature dish dia....Curry Crab. Tak tau laa dia masak cemana. Bukan apa pun...serbuk kari...ketam, daun bawang, ada telur ngan campur sos sikit. Tapi dia punya lemak berkrim tu....perrghhhh...cair bebbbb.....
Last but not least.....

Ini desert for this time. Mango. Tapi dia punyer manis...memang aku blom pernah jumpa lagi laa kat sini rasanya....memang unforgettable....

Ok..nie jer entry aku. Bagi gambar yg aku x jumpa masa 1st trip dulu. Ok laa kan...next time ada free lagi..aku tambah entry lagi haaa.....

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Hmm...dah lama sangat dah we all pergi ke Bangkok, tapi aku selalu takder time nak update. So, rasa hari nie, suasana opis mcm membenarkan, aku selitkan sikit laa cerita lawatan aku ke Bangkok.

Actually, our trip was not a planned trip. It mainly because hubby has to do some audits for the factory located in Ayuthaya. His company reserved the accommodation in Bangkok. So, while he's being there to work, he persuaded me to take this opportunity to come along. We thought it'll be nice to have another honeymoon session...heheheh ( ngada2 kan ). It means, Adam has to stay back, furthermore he has to go to school. But my parents has been persuaded me to bring him along. Kesian la,...nanti dia frust la...etc...etc.... Up to the extend, my mom said : Kalau tak der duit nak bayar tambang flight dia, amik duit mak nie...! Ishhh....melampau sungguh la nenek Adam nie. Takkan laa nak pakai duit dia pulak kan. Itu semua propaganda politik from my mom, in which she's saying : You MUST bring him, this is an order. So, it left us out with no choice. I ran to the travel agent in Jalan P.Ramlee, the one that hubby's company is using and asked the agent's help in arranging our seat number together. Oh, by the way, since it was a company trip, we use MAS instead of Air Asia. So, Adam's flight ticket priced almost the same with mine. WHAT??? Eisshh...mahalnyerr...tapi, ok lah. It's nice actually having him....otherwise, we won't enjoy the trip so much.

To be frank, this is the very first time I and Adam is going to board on MAS flight service. Jakun kan...heheheheh. We couldn't wait for the day to arrive actually. Tak sabar2.

Owh...the date. We departed at 3pm, 21/8/08 ( Thursday ). So, on Wed eve, I went back to PD, spent nite there ( hardly sleep actually ), and the next morning, at 10 am, I drove to Sepang with Adam. Owh..he got sooooo excited. I went to Abg Ngah's house, told him already that I'm going to park my car there. Co-incidently, our cousin, Apis was there. So, Apis sent us to the KLIA at 11.30 am, despite of the 3pm flight schedule...hahahah. It was purely my request. Precaution. I dun want to miss the flight and being left by hubby. Hubby departed from Malacca. His company has already assigned a driver to sent him. So, from 11.30, up to 2 pm, I and Adam leisuring around the airport, had a very long and relaxing lunch, spent some time at the playground for Adam and refresh ourself at the ladies. Ngam2 at 2.00 pm, hubby arrived. He didn't bring any luggage, because I've already packed for him. We brought 1 luggage only, together with 2 big knapsacks. Hahahah...travelling, rite? So, check-in at the counter, que was quite long, changed the money at the money changer and ran to the departure hall. We have to catch the train and ran again to the platform. Our departure gate was very far. Jenuh lari. I think I burnt few hundreds of calories...hahahahah.

Flight took about 3 hours time, and we arrive in Bangkok at about 6pm Bangkok's time. Adam was soo scared at the time we checked-out at the immigration counter. Mainly because Thailand's immigration will snap a piece of our pic at that counter. He thought that he did something wrong and he's going to be arrested...hahahaha. Furthermore, the immigration officer took his hand and pretended that she won't let him go.

Hubby then rented an Airport Limo. He took a Camry since the expenses covered by his company ( Amik kesempatan laa..apa lagi ). The journey was ok, more or less the same with KL. We stayed at Four Wings Hotel, Soi 26, Sukhumvit Road. The room was very comfortable. Staffs were very, extremely nice, kind and very profesional. We had never seen the hotel lobby left unattended by staffs, no matter what time it was. Furthermore, they have a very dedicated security officer with a very friendly yet protective attitude. They welcomed us at the reception counter with hot towel to freshens up our face, and also the heavenly taste fruit punch. Adam asked for more...as usual.

Room at Four Wings Hotel

We took bath, change our attire and head out from hotel that nite. Hubby planned to bring us to Somboon restaurant for a seafood feast. Yeyyy... We seek advised from the hotel staffs. They said the best way at that hour to go there is using Sky Train. Then they gave us the map for Bangkok's public transportation and showed us where's the nearest station, the station that we were going, etc. Off we go then. It was very easy...but as usual, you have to walk quite a distance to go to the train station. One advise for travellers, please wear your most comfortable shoes. If you need to buy one, buy a good one. It's worth it. Luckily I already prepare my walking shoes. Really thankful for that.
We ate at the SomBoon Restaurant. Very famous for their crabs. It's really yummy. Not only that, the steamed fish was superb. The butter prawn was soo satisfying. Not to mention, the service has no complaints from us. I had been trying to find the pic that we snapped that time, but I couldn't find it. However, you may try to look at this site, mainly it's almost the same with our menu.
After the dinner, we walked a few kilometres to window shop at Huay Kwang road. It's quite difficult to walk with a very full stomach actually, but since we need to utilize whatever time that we have, we need to be strong. Actually, hubby know a seller in Huay Kwang road who sells very beautiful crystal bangle with a very reasonable price. The crystal was real, I still have it since he bought it 3 years ago and it shines brightly still. Thus, I'm looking forward to buy another few for my own collection. But too bad, that seller took a day off that nite. Then hubby went to his usual spot, shop that sells guns. Hehehhehe...guns for farmers actually. He bought a pair, packaged with bullets.
Then, I bought a leather wallet. Ok la.... quite cheap. Then we bought sets of towels. About two sets...hehehhe. One new experience for me. It's as if you ae walking in the middle of chow Kit or Petaling Street, but with much more variety goods. For example, BBQ pork ribs being fried right in front of you, various choices of insects for you to buy and chew while you walk as a snack food.. Oppss...yess..INSECTS...!!! The most obvious, fried cockroach and what do you called that..? Cengkerik.... Eaaawwww....!!!! Adam almost vomitted all the way to the shops....but he managed to control still.
As time strikes to midnite, we quickly find a cab and went back to the hotel. Hubby needs to go to the factory for the audit the next morning, so he must sleeps early that nite.
However, once we arrive at the hotel, we felt very tired and our body ache so much, resulted from the travelling and walking without rest. So we asked the hotel staff, is there any nearby massage center still operating at that hour. The hotel staffs gave us a better solution. One and half hour of full body massage, at RM50 per pax. That is a reasonable price. The bonus, we dun have to go anywhere. We could wait in our room only because the hotel will sent the people to our room. So that nite, both of us, being massaged right there in our hotel room. Sooo luxury, with that amount of money.
Next morning, we went for breakfast. Unfortunately, we could only eat salads, breads and eggs only. Other spread of breakfast choices has meat, chicken and pork inside it. But that's fine. Because we can drink fresh juices, being blended right there in front of us, with the choices of fruits and vegies spread as much as we want. Very healthy breakfast, huh! Then, after breakfast, hubby went off to factory. The driver has been waiting merely about half an hour actually...hehehehe. And I went back to room, transformed Adam into a swimmer. What else? Swimming pool timeee...!!!!! Adam only. I only monitor him from the pool side. He played at the pool until late afternoon. Hubby called and said that he will arrive at 5 pm. So I had to find my lunch with Adam on my own.
After Adam played with the pool, we went back to the room. Adam was sooo tried. He dozed off as soon as he touch the bed...hahahahah. The best choice for lunch - room service....apa lagi kan. So, I ordered :
- Green prawn curry with rice
- Seafood carbonara spaghetti for Adam
- Fruit juices and milk
- Seafood tom yam
The order arrived about half an hour later, complete with bread and butter, spread out on the table with white cloth on it. And all being done quietly by the hotel staff, since Adam was sleeping. The price? hahahah....for all of the above, i paid about RM50++ only.......
That evening, hubby called and asked us to wait at the hotel lobby. But I advised him to come up to the room first and changed to a more casual attire. So, he changed and actually his company's van was ready to send us to Silom night market.
Silom, or Suan Lum Night Bazaar is sooo happening. A lot of fascinating goods here. I was soo excited..and I shopped a lot too..heheh. What did I buy? I managed to find that crystal bangles, slightly higher price than Huay Kwang, I bought bed sheets, I bought t-shirts, souveniers, beautiful candles..and candles..and candles, I bought stuffs. Dinner? I requested to hubby, I really need to eat real food as what we have in Malaysia. Is it sooo difficult to eat there? I can't take seafood anymore...adoii. So, at last, we board on a tut tut ( huiyooo...scary wooooo ) and went to an Indian restoaurant with a big HALAL sign. Yes...at last. We ordered beriyani with lambs, tandoori with chicken, and vegetables rice. We drank that yoghurt drink, and fruit juice. Guess how much..... jeng..jeng...jeng....
RM 300 ++ !!!!
Eiii I was soo mad. I didn't realize that actually that the price can be so high. Much more expensive than eating at the hotel. So, after being scolded by hubby, we went back to hotel. Sob..sob.....
The next morning, as usual, western vegetarian breakfast, hubby's factory actually has assigned a local Thai engineer to be our tourist guide, together with company car and driver. He brought us to Ayyuthaya, to visit temples. Very insteresting.

Inside the temple

The sleeping buddha
Then we went to the elephant Kingdom. Watch the elephant show, Adam and hubby rode the elephant, at RM30 and we fed the elephant with corns..... best..best....
After that, he brought us to a restaurant, very nice and cute. It's in a garden, very peaceful environment. Had our lunch there. Different version of tom yam, and prawns, and a few kinds of fishes. Best...best..... After that, return to Bangkok, and we took that opportunity to sleep...hahahahhahaha. Well...full stomach, very tight schedule, tired body, cool car, comfortable journey and nice driver....the best solution...sleep lhooo.....
We asked the driver to drop us at the Chatuchak weekend market. A very..extremely big market....and we actually spend time in the shopping mall only...heheheh. So hot maaa.....
After that, we walked to the sky train station and went back to the hotel. The next day, we spent some time at the pool after breakfast, and check-out. Flight depart from Bangkok at 8pm.
If I have chance, definitely we'll go again....this time, another shopping location in Bangkok...heheheheh.
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Hari nie, rasa mcm emosi sket..sbb kawan aku si DD nie...pindah ke Terengganu. Merentas semenanjung Mesia tu tawww..jauh tu taww....

Well..ada seronok..ada x seronok kalau nak pindah rumah nie kan.... Untung si DD sbb dia ada movers and packers.... Mcm aku nanti...Insyaallah thn nie pun pindah juga...sdn bhd. Tambah lagi aku hanya ada masa di hujung minggu utk packing. Dah ler tu....kalau hujung minggu tu buat aktiviti biasa pun dah x menang tgn, apa tah lagi nak buat aktiviti extra kan. Cuma untungnya aku...x yah rushing utk pindah. Takder apa nak dikejar.

Rumah kat KL pun..aku rasa mcm nak pindah juga. Housemate yang ada skang nie, aku rasa dia mcm tak best la. Ada memberikan aku emosi yang kurang stabil lately nie..... Entah laaa....
Kalau aku pindah rumah kat KL nie, kena cari lori juga. Walaupun satu bilik jer brg aku...tapi bilik tu penuh. And barang pun besar2 la juga....katil, lemari, tv, meja, etc..etc..etc.... Aku rasa kain baju jer dah penuh satu keter....hehehehhe..

Bagusnya pindah nie...kita secara tak langsung meng'declutter'kan kediaman kita, kan DD kan...kan....

So, terima ajer lah seadanya kan....Alhamdulillah...adalah hikmahnya nie agaknya.
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It has been some times since my last postings in this blog. I have so much things to write actually, but due to the time constrains...I was not able to write anything. I was waiting for a clear, peaceful moments for me to concentrate in my postings.

However, a break-in news happenned to me last Monday, it was 2 days ago. I went to HQ that afternoon to settled some works. It ends about 5.30 pm. The parking was soo full, so I parked the car at the road side, together with the other cars. That road is the main entrance to our office. That 5.30 pm, when I arrived at my car, I was surprised to see the conditions like this :

And like this :

Somebody, a thief of course, broke my window to stole my make-up pouch. Oww..come-on....he thought that the pouch contains money.... I put the pouch at the front seat, together with my bekal from kampung. Okay...I admit, that was totally my fault. Don't nag me anymore...please...I just can't take it anymore. And I know, it has been the rezeki for that thief also because he found my small purse ( Mr Bean's ) being hidden under my seat with driving license, marriage card, a few memberships card and about 200++ ringgit malaysia inside it.

I called a few colleagues down the office because I went blank after that. I just do not know what else should I do... who should I call...where should I go... So, my friends and bosses came down, help to calm me down, clean up my car and tell me what to do. One of them drove the car and me to the Sentol Police Station to lodge the report. After the report being printed out, I was asked to go upstairs to meet up with their Investigation Officer. Looking at these pics, the IO said that the police are actually looking for this same guy since the method of the breaking is about the same. He came down to see the car with us and brought the police photographer to capture the broken window. However, suddenly we notice the left window has became like this :

According to the officer, actually this thief has tried to break the left window, but he failed. So, he tried the other side of the window. Due to that, the window glass actually took a bit longer to shattered into pieces.

So, I took an emergency leave yesterday to settled my window, my driving license, and so on. I've received naggings, blamings and scoldings since then. Only a couple of soothing support from officemates though. It's really pressure at the moment. I've spent almost RM1k, I felt really disappointed and I am in a very sensitive conditions at the moment.

But a friend said, look at the bright side. At least that's all that I lost. At least he didn't stole my car straight away. At least I'm safe...

After all...this is among the colours in our life. We have to go thru all these.... Maybe I should donate more after this.....hmmmm......

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