The Red Kebaya

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I was preparing to go to work yesterday morning but was stunned to found that the Astro Citra was showing The Red Kebaya movie. I've watched it before. Once. And I found that story was really interesting and attractive. And I know I have to watch it again in silent and mentally put myself in the movie to join the characters. And I was torn. Should I stay and watch it till finish and tell my boss that I'll be late for whatever reasons, or shall I ignore it and head of to work? Noowwwww.....that is nafsu. So I turned off the tv and straight ahead to office. Somehow, I just couldn't stop thinking about the movie.
Those who do not have any idea what the movie is all about, may read the following lines.
Thriller/Drama,2006,96 minutes,English,16:9 Anamorphic,Dolby 5.1,M (Moderate violence),- SLIDE SHOW - FOUR MUSIC SOUND TRACK,Oliver Knott,Ramli Hassan, Vanidah Imran, Bob Mercer, Samantha Schubert,* "An effective mix of creativity with good artistic direction, and well-balanced intensity that plays with the audience's emotions.",Latiff, a famous but lonely photographer who was orphaned as a small child, sets out on an expedition to photograph abandoned houses around Malaysia. On his journey he is haunted by images and sounds that remind him of his traumatic childhood. At one particular house on the island of Penang he is transported back through time to witness the shocking events that took place in the house over 50 years ago. Through his experience, Latiff understands the tragic circumstances that led to him being orphaned and also finds an old friend.
More or less, that is what you could find in the movie. But for me, the most outstanding value being shouted of from the movie is the strength of love. How deep is the love of John as an expats to Azizah, a joget dancer. But Azizah is not a 'typical' joget dancer as what the Zahim Al-Bakri mentioned in the movie. The based line is, she has to work as the dancer to survive.
A very beautiful emotions, very sincere actions by the actors. Though some part are not smooth and natural, but most of the scenes has powerfully engaged the audiences. I must say that I was very much surprised that Malaysia is actually capable of producing such a romantic and unique movie like this. A few scenes that I like most :
1) Latiff stopped for lunch at a R&R and ordered nasi campur. Fauziah Nawi made an interesting appearance. " ......padan muka ko...ko tak nak sambal aku, nam hengget ko kena bayar...."
2) The butler and wife ( the cook ) paid back to Samantha at the ais kacang stalls and they proudly announced that they are smarter than that snobbish English because they can speak 3 languages : Malays, Tamil and English
3) John teaching Latiff (child) on how to use the camera.
4) All John's & Azizah's scene in this film.
5) The very remarkable Patrick Teoh's scenes.
Movie was released in the year of 2006 and I didn't remember the publicity was loudly announced. Ok, maybe it was announced but I didn't listened...? Hmm.. if I didn't hear it, no wonder Malaysians hardly notice it. ( I am so significant, eh..? Hahahahah ).
Well...This is still a very beautiful and close to heart movie. It's slow, yes. But if you can cope with literature, you will agree with my lines.
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