Hmm...dah lama sangat dah we all pergi ke Bangkok, tapi aku selalu takder time nak update. So, rasa hari nie, suasana opis mcm membenarkan, aku selitkan sikit laa cerita lawatan aku ke Bangkok.

Actually, our trip was not a planned trip. It mainly because hubby has to do some audits for the factory located in Ayuthaya. His company reserved the accommodation in Bangkok. So, while he's being there to work, he persuaded me to take this opportunity to come along. We thought it'll be nice to have another honeymoon session...heheheh ( ngada2 kan ). It means, Adam has to stay back, furthermore he has to go to school. But my parents has been persuaded me to bring him along. Kesian la,...nanti dia frust la...etc...etc.... Up to the extend, my mom said : Kalau tak der duit nak bayar tambang flight dia, amik duit mak nie...! Ishhh....melampau sungguh la nenek Adam nie. Takkan laa nak pakai duit dia pulak kan. Itu semua propaganda politik from my mom, in which she's saying : You MUST bring him, this is an order. So, it left us out with no choice. I ran to the travel agent in Jalan P.Ramlee, the one that hubby's company is using and asked the agent's help in arranging our seat number together. Oh, by the way, since it was a company trip, we use MAS instead of Air Asia. So, Adam's flight ticket priced almost the same with mine. WHAT??? Eisshh...mahalnyerr...tapi, ok lah. It's nice actually having him....otherwise, we won't enjoy the trip so much.

To be frank, this is the very first time I and Adam is going to board on MAS flight service. Jakun kan...heheheheh. We couldn't wait for the day to arrive actually. Tak sabar2.

Owh...the date. We departed at 3pm, 21/8/08 ( Thursday ). So, on Wed eve, I went back to PD, spent nite there ( hardly sleep actually ), and the next morning, at 10 am, I drove to Sepang with Adam. Owh..he got sooooo excited. I went to Abg Ngah's house, told him already that I'm going to park my car there. Co-incidently, our cousin, Apis was there. So, Apis sent us to the KLIA at 11.30 am, despite of the 3pm flight schedule...hahahah. It was purely my request. Precaution. I dun want to miss the flight and being left by hubby. Hubby departed from Malacca. His company has already assigned a driver to sent him. So, from 11.30, up to 2 pm, I and Adam leisuring around the airport, had a very long and relaxing lunch, spent some time at the playground for Adam and refresh ourself at the ladies. Ngam2 at 2.00 pm, hubby arrived. He didn't bring any luggage, because I've already packed for him. We brought 1 luggage only, together with 2 big knapsacks. Hahahah...travelling, rite? So, check-in at the counter, que was quite long, changed the money at the money changer and ran to the departure hall. We have to catch the train and ran again to the platform. Our departure gate was very far. Jenuh lari. I think I burnt few hundreds of calories...hahahahah.

Flight took about 3 hours time, and we arrive in Bangkok at about 6pm Bangkok's time. Adam was soo scared at the time we checked-out at the immigration counter. Mainly because Thailand's immigration will snap a piece of our pic at that counter. He thought that he did something wrong and he's going to be arrested...hahahaha. Furthermore, the immigration officer took his hand and pretended that she won't let him go.

Hubby then rented an Airport Limo. He took a Camry since the expenses covered by his company ( Amik kesempatan laa..apa lagi ). The journey was ok, more or less the same with KL. We stayed at Four Wings Hotel, Soi 26, Sukhumvit Road. The room was very comfortable. Staffs were very, extremely nice, kind and very profesional. We had never seen the hotel lobby left unattended by staffs, no matter what time it was. Furthermore, they have a very dedicated security officer with a very friendly yet protective attitude. They welcomed us at the reception counter with hot towel to freshens up our face, and also the heavenly taste fruit punch. Adam asked for usual.

Room at Four Wings Hotel

We took bath, change our attire and head out from hotel that nite. Hubby planned to bring us to Somboon restaurant for a seafood feast. Yeyyy... We seek advised from the hotel staffs. They said the best way at that hour to go there is using Sky Train. Then they gave us the map for Bangkok's public transportation and showed us where's the nearest station, the station that we were going, etc. Off we go then. It was very easy...but as usual, you have to walk quite a distance to go to the train station. One advise for travellers, please wear your most comfortable shoes. If you need to buy one, buy a good one. It's worth it. Luckily I already prepare my walking shoes. Really thankful for that.
We ate at the SomBoon Restaurant. Very famous for their crabs. It's really yummy. Not only that, the steamed fish was superb. The butter prawn was soo satisfying. Not to mention, the service has no complaints from us. I had been trying to find the pic that we snapped that time, but I couldn't find it. However, you may try to look at this site, mainly it's almost the same with our menu.
After the dinner, we walked a few kilometres to window shop at Huay Kwang road. It's quite difficult to walk with a very full stomach actually, but since we need to utilize whatever time that we have, we need to be strong. Actually, hubby know a seller in Huay Kwang road who sells very beautiful crystal bangle with a very reasonable price. The crystal was real, I still have it since he bought it 3 years ago and it shines brightly still. Thus, I'm looking forward to buy another few for my own collection. But too bad, that seller took a day off that nite. Then hubby went to his usual spot, shop that sells guns. Hehehhehe...guns for farmers actually. He bought a pair, packaged with bullets.
Then, I bought a leather wallet. Ok la.... quite cheap. Then we bought sets of towels. About two sets...hehehhe. One new experience for me. It's as if you ae walking in the middle of chow Kit or Petaling Street, but with much more variety goods. For example, BBQ pork ribs being fried right in front of you, various choices of insects for you to buy and chew while you walk as a snack food.. Oppss...yess..INSECTS...!!! The most obvious, fried cockroach and what do you called that..? Cengkerik.... Eaaawwww....!!!! Adam almost vomitted all the way to the shops....but he managed to control still.
As time strikes to midnite, we quickly find a cab and went back to the hotel. Hubby needs to go to the factory for the audit the next morning, so he must sleeps early that nite.
However, once we arrive at the hotel, we felt very tired and our body ache so much, resulted from the travelling and walking without rest. So we asked the hotel staff, is there any nearby massage center still operating at that hour. The hotel staffs gave us a better solution. One and half hour of full body massage, at RM50 per pax. That is a reasonable price. The bonus, we dun have to go anywhere. We could wait in our room only because the hotel will sent the people to our room. So that nite, both of us, being massaged right there in our hotel room. Sooo luxury, with that amount of money.
Next morning, we went for breakfast. Unfortunately, we could only eat salads, breads and eggs only. Other spread of breakfast choices has meat, chicken and pork inside it. But that's fine. Because we can drink fresh juices, being blended right there in front of us, with the choices of fruits and vegies spread as much as we want. Very healthy breakfast, huh! Then, after breakfast, hubby went off to factory. The driver has been waiting merely about half an hour actually...hehehehe. And I went back to room, transformed Adam into a swimmer. What else? Swimming pool timeee...!!!!! Adam only. I only monitor him from the pool side. He played at the pool until late afternoon. Hubby called and said that he will arrive at 5 pm. So I had to find my lunch with Adam on my own.
After Adam played with the pool, we went back to the room. Adam was sooo tried. He dozed off as soon as he touch the bed...hahahahah. The best choice for lunch - room service....apa lagi kan. So, I ordered :
- Green prawn curry with rice
- Seafood carbonara spaghetti for Adam
- Fruit juices and milk
- Seafood tom yam
The order arrived about half an hour later, complete with bread and butter, spread out on the table with white cloth on it. And all being done quietly by the hotel staff, since Adam was sleeping. The price? hahahah....for all of the above, i paid about RM50++ only.......
That evening, hubby called and asked us to wait at the hotel lobby. But I advised him to come up to the room first and changed to a more casual attire. So, he changed and actually his company's van was ready to send us to Silom night market.
Silom, or Suan Lum Night Bazaar is sooo happening. A lot of fascinating goods here. I was soo excited..and I shopped a lot too..heheh. What did I buy? I managed to find that crystal bangles, slightly higher price than Huay Kwang, I bought bed sheets, I bought t-shirts, souveniers, beautiful candles..and candles..and candles, I bought stuffs. Dinner? I requested to hubby, I really need to eat real food as what we have in Malaysia. Is it sooo difficult to eat there? I can't take seafood anymore...adoii. So, at last, we board on a tut tut ( huiyooo...scary wooooo ) and went to an Indian restoaurant with a big HALAL sign. last. We ordered beriyani with lambs, tandoori with chicken, and vegetables rice. We drank that yoghurt drink, and fruit juice. Guess how much..... jeng..jeng...jeng....
RM 300 ++ !!!!
Eiii I was soo mad. I didn't realize that actually that the price can be so high. Much more expensive than eating at the hotel. So, after being scolded by hubby, we went back to hotel. Sob..sob.....
The next morning, as usual, western vegetarian breakfast, hubby's factory actually has assigned a local Thai engineer to be our tourist guide, together with company car and driver. He brought us to Ayyuthaya, to visit temples. Very insteresting.

Inside the temple

The sleeping buddha
Then we went to the elephant Kingdom. Watch the elephant show, Adam and hubby rode the elephant, at RM30 and we fed the elephant with corns.....
After that, he brought us to a restaurant, very nice and cute. It's in a garden, very peaceful environment. Had our lunch there. Different version of tom yam, and prawns, and a few kinds of fishes. After that, return to Bangkok, and we took that opportunity to sleep...hahahahhahaha. Well...full stomach, very tight schedule, tired body, cool car, comfortable journey and nice driver....the best solution...sleep lhooo.....
We asked the driver to drop us at the Chatuchak weekend market. A very..extremely big market....and we actually spend time in the shopping mall only...heheheh. So hot maaa.....
After that, we walked to the sky train station and went back to the hotel. The next day, we spent some time at the pool after breakfast, and check-out. Flight depart from Bangkok at 8pm.
If I have chance, definitely we'll go again....this time, another shopping location in Bangkok...heheheheh.
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Hari nie, rasa mcm emosi sket..sbb kawan aku si DD nie...pindah ke Terengganu. Merentas semenanjung Mesia tu tawww..jauh tu taww....

Well..ada seronok..ada x seronok kalau nak pindah rumah nie kan.... Untung si DD sbb dia ada movers and packers.... Mcm aku nanti...Insyaallah thn nie pun pindah juga...sdn bhd. Tambah lagi aku hanya ada masa di hujung minggu utk packing. Dah ler tu....kalau hujung minggu tu buat aktiviti biasa pun dah x menang tgn, apa tah lagi nak buat aktiviti extra kan. Cuma untungnya aku...x yah rushing utk pindah. Takder apa nak dikejar.

Rumah kat KL pun..aku rasa mcm nak pindah juga. Housemate yang ada skang nie, aku rasa dia mcm tak best la. Ada memberikan aku emosi yang kurang stabil lately nie..... Entah laaa....
Kalau aku pindah rumah kat KL nie, kena cari lori juga. Walaupun satu bilik jer brg aku...tapi bilik tu penuh. And barang pun besar2 la juga....katil, lemari, tv, meja, etc..etc..etc.... Aku rasa kain baju jer dah penuh satu keter....hehehehhe..

Bagusnya pindah nie...kita secara tak langsung meng'declutter'kan kediaman kita, kan DD kan...kan....

So, terima ajer lah seadanya kan....Alhamdulillah...adalah hikmahnya nie agaknya.
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