Relative's Wedding Dinner


We were invited by mommy's cousin to attend her daughter's wedding dinner last weekends. They had the Chinese dinner at Chinese restaurant with the Chinese ceremony. So, the other family member who couldn't join that and of course all the Muslims relatives are to be gathered in this other occasion.

It's similar to Malay's wedding party...the food and tents and people. Only that, the bride and grooms didn't bersanding etc. They just wore simple pretty dress that nite. The food was frm the local Malay caterer. And of course, no Malay songs...hehehehhee. Chinese songs all night long. I think hubby's cousin called up her friends and get singers for this occasion. Other than that, almost all 5 tents were filled with family only. Owh yeas...mommy's big family is a 1 Malaysia. Some of them stayed as Chinese and Buddha, some are Christians, some wed Indian, thus they became Hindu, and most has converted to Muslims. Alhamdulillah. The important things is, everybody respect and love each other exactly like a family member should be.

Ok...let's try to see the blurry pictures. I didn't snap it, but I let my nephew to enjoy playing with my phone since Adam was still busy eating.

Tents were filled with family members

I can't remember they are from which side..heheheheh

This granny is mommy's nenek saudara. Very kind and soft.

Despite the 'stage' is a crowded garage, he performed very well. He danced and sang and make sure everybody was happy. Nice voice...

The mother of the bride is the left aunty holding her granddaughter. The other two are aunties to hubby as well.

Ok...Alleycia is soooo attached to Atok.

And Atok is soo attached to this beloved granddaughter. Well, who wouldn't right?

This is mommy's cousin as well. He married an Indian girl and his daughters are all sooo pretty.

I do not have the food pics, but they served delicious nasi beriyani, kari kambing, ayam masak merah, acar buah, acar jelatah, sambal tumis udang, sate and many fruits and kuihs. All of the dishes are delicious. The balance of sweet, sour, salty and spicy... just nice. Good caterer. In my list for function... I knew the lady behind..hehehhehe.

So, can't wait for another occasion in my family next month....

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3 thoughts..

RamRamCute berkata...

multiracial family...seronok kan :)

Unknown berkata...

wah seronoknya...memang 1 Malaysia-lah! heheheh

Aziela berkata...

Rahmah : Mmg seronok. Tak rasa terasing sbb semua org di layan sama rata...