Report on My Child's Tonsil Removal

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Tajuk macam formal jer kan....Sorry for the delay of this posting.

Let's start the story.

25th Nov 2009 : Brought him to the hospital. Arrived at the hospital around 2.30 pm. Since our appointment was scheduled at 3.00pm, we headed to the hospital's cafe and had a heavy lunch. He ate a full plate of spaghetti. He thought he won't be able to eat for at least the next 4-5 weeks. So I let him chose whatever menu that he likes. At 3.00pm, we went to the specialist clinic and wait. Doctor called him up, do a final check-up on the throat to make sure it's free from any infections and swelling. Once clear, he instructed the nurse to book the room and bed. I requested for the single bed room, but failed. It's full that time. No choice, we have to accept the twin bedded room. Still better than 6 bedded. My intention is to provide a comfortable access for my parents because both my parents and Ida my sis will be staying with Adam. And of course I want to be with my child too.
The double bedded room. Mom replacing Adam on the bed.
While waiting at the admission counter, a group of Indian family approached us. After a few intro, they were actually accompanying one of the man to remove the tonsil. Same case with Adam. Adam will be the first patient, and he will come in after my child. That man is 43 years old. Yet he and the whole family were hecticly worry about the operation. He has his wife, his bsiblings and his father with him. And they were amazed looking at how relax and cool Adam was. They asked Adam a lot of questions...tak takut ke...sakit tak...those sort of things and Adam answered the smart way....his way => Lepas nie boleh makan aiskrim banyak2. Heheheheh....very solid excuse, huh.
A few minutes after that, my parents arrive. With all the luggage and foods....hahahaha. Obviously they want to celebrate Hari Raya with us in the hospital. Good news kan...heheheheh.
So, after admission, Adam was trying to make full use of his last day spending with his pair of tonsilitis. He went to the playroom and enjoy himself there. He requested a long list of food and at nite, he forced me to go out and buy some sushi for him. I went to JJ, and bought 3 family packs of sushi. And he finished the entire 2 packs. Padahal, 3 days before that, hubby has already brought him to the Japanese buffet spread in Equotorial. That's because hubby will be working in Thailand on the operation day. Adam loves Japanese food so much. Anyhow, he has to fast starting from 12.00 midnite for the next day's operation. So I woke him up at 11.30 for another round of food and drinks as being adviced by the hospital. It's sort of 'sahur' for him. But he couldn't open his eyes...because he was too full and too tired. His last food was at 9.30. I was really worried that he couldn't stand the hunger and thirst for tomorrow.

The tonsils before removal. Please excuse the teeth scenery.

So, I slept on the floor with my mom. With all tikar and comforter and pillows. Heheheh..buat macam rumah sendiri yer...sila...sila....

26th November : I couldn't sleep that nite. Too worry about him. Kejap-kejap bangun, cium dia. Dalam hati...doa banyak-banyak....janganlah jadi apa-apa kat dia.
At last, at 5.00 am, I told my mom, I would like to go home for a couple of hours to take care of a few things. So I went home, wash clothes and accidently fell asleep. Woke up at 7.30 am and I was soo panick. Adam's operation scheduled at 9.00 am. and I must be by his side. I drove to hospital with my emergency light blinking all the way. When I reached hospital, Adam has been covered with the operation's dress and with wet red eye. He thought I couldn't make it because I was late. I hug him and I cried. Owh... all of us were soo deep in emotions that time.
So, sharp 8.30 a.m., the nurses came and led us to the operation room at 2nd floor. Adam hold my hand tightly. Mak, Ayah and Ida has to wait in the waiting room. I was allowed to enter the operation room with him. Just to comfort him prior to the operation process. So, while waiting at the lobby of the operation room, Adam asked me a lot of questions. He was soo worry but he didn't cry. I was the one who almost cried, but I hold it. If my child can be strong, why can't I?
So, a few questions, check-ups and preparations by the nurses and doctors, finally he was being pushed into the operation room. I was still by his side. Then the doctor asked how much his weight, how old is he and determine the amount of the anaesthetic drug for Adam. The drug was injected into his body. Once the doctor push the drugs in, the nurses sent me out from the room. I joined my family in the waiting room then. I can't talk much, more of thinking about my baby in the room and praying inside.
Half an hour after that, a nurse came to us and called me in. Adam has completed the surgery. Alhamdulillah.....syukur ke hadrat Ilahi. But he was crying upon gained his consciousness because I was not by his side. I quickly hug him and comfort him. He hugged my hands tightly and fell asleep. He was still under the drug's effect. He has to stay there for at least half an hour for observation. Once in a while he'll open his eyes to make sure that I was still there. Once he asked me : Bila nak sudah nie, mama? Lamanya doktor nie nak buat operation. I laughed and cried. He didn't feel the pain yet, so he thought he was sleeping still.
After half an hour, he woke up and cried. Sakittt...he said. He requested ice-cream to cool down the pain. I tried whatever that I can. One thing with Adam, we can't deceived him. I have to be honest with him that he was not allowed to eat and drink yet because the drugs are still in the body and it can caused vomitting and injury at his throat. And he cried.
The nurses came, pushed him back to the ward and that was when the real challenges begin. He cried and cried. At 3.00 pm, doctor was still 'invisible'. And he has been crying constantly...longing for ice creams and cold drinks. He's hungry and damn thirsty.
Still in the operation dress....
Luckily my hp managed to pull his mind off from the pain a little. He played various types of games and taking pictures. And when he's tired, he sleeps. At last the doc arrived at 5.00pm, means 17 hours of fasting and verify that Adam was in a satisfied conditions. He allowed him to drinks and eat.
I gave Adam a little bit of melting ice-cream....but as predicted, he can't swallow them. It's too painful. I pulled out the ice chocolate drink from my ice-box and he sipped twice only. We tried to give him porridge, also he can't eat. It'll take time as the nurse said.
At 6.00 pm, Mak, Ayah and Ida left us and went back to PD for Hari Raya preparations since it's approved by Adam. And 1 hour after that, Mak Ngah and family came to visit. Pity them ....not enuff chair to sit. And after 10 minutes, the nurse came, asking whether I am still interested in the single bed room. Of course I am. The nurse then helped me to move. Alhamdulillah...much more comfortable for everyone. And I said to the nurse, Adam still can't eat because it's too painful for him. The nurse then consulted the doctor and came back with the bullet drugs as the the painkiller. You know...the white bullet that we have to insert it at the rectum. Mak Ngah and family entertained Adam to make him forget about the pain. Suddenly, Adam reached his porridge and he finished the whole bowl. Alhamdulillah..... the pain killer works.
Adam with Mak Ngah's cucu ( Adam's cousin ). The boy's name is Karim.
At 9.00 pm, Mak Ngah and family went home. Alhamdulillah Adam ate much and he drinks the whole cup of cold milk. In fact, he ate the goreng pisang and goreng cempedak brought by Mak Ngah.
That nite, hubby arrived from Thailand at 2.00 am.
27th November 2009 : Adam woke up and started crying again because the pain was unbearable. He can't eat and drink. My family in law came at 9.00 after solat Hari Raya and we ate all the Hari Raya delicacies therewhile waiting for the doctor's visit. Doctor came at 10 am for check-ups and ordered pain killer to be given to him. At 11.00 am, the nurse gave him another shot of pain killer and he finished the whole plate of grilled fish for lunch. Then family in-law went back at noon. After that, Pak Su and family came. Adam's best friend in kampung. He was sooo happy and act as if he was not sick. He played with them, went to the playroom and drag his drip tower himself. It's as if we were celebrating Hari Raya. Half an hour later, my brother Abg Ngah came. That was a double happiness for him because his beloved cousin, Adleena Umairah came too. He loves her soo much because he really wants a little sister. So...ok lah...manageable for that day. It would be complete if hubby woke up though. Hubby slept the whole day because he was too busy to work and didn't sleep in Thailand.
Adleena Umairah

28th November 2009 : Adam has finally ok. He drinks a lot and eat a lot. Doctor came and verified that he was ready to go home. We packed and brought him home. He still has to continue the antibiotics and painkiller.

Removed Tonsils

Today : He eats ice cream and drink ice water as much as he wants.

Alhamdulillah....... Thank you friends for your do'a.

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