Happy Besday Papa.....

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Besday hubby dah lepas dah....6th August arie tuh. tapi sebab dah janji dengan diri sendiri untuk post dlm nie, aku selitkanlaa sikit. I hope, nanti Adam dah besar, dia boleh baca semua stories kat sini.

Rasanya sejak kawen, aku tak pernah lagi buat something special untuk hubby on his besday. I'm bad. I took for granted, just because he always remind me, dun do anything for him because he doesn't mind. Teruk kan..... And this year he surprised me by sending flower to me. That is such an amazing moment for me. So, you know me, rite friends....I'm not creative. So I became a copy cat. I sent him fruit basket, together with beautiful and delicious birthday chocolate cake. Order the cake and delivery online 1 week in advance. Basically he was surprised. He ate the cakes and fruits with his friends in the factory. I can tell that he's happy. And I want him to know that I love seeing him being happy.

Happy Birthday, hubby.....
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