Current Situation

Hmm...macam caca marba kan cerita dalam blog ni. Inilah padahnya kalau banyak sgt entry tertunggak. Dah x reti nak susun. Bukan apa..hajat di hati, semua nak direkodkan dlm tu la... mcm2 hal. Bak kata Ben kan... ini semua sekadar alasan minda kita kan. Ishh... kena improve nie.

Well..meh la citer sikit current family situation skang.

Hubby Alhamdulillah... berjaya dalam intvw di Kuantan. Not that we were looking fwd, but maybe itu yang dilorongkan Allah kot. Macam smooth jer perjalanan penghijrahan dia tu. So, dia start kerja di Kuantan on 20th Dec 2010 yang lepas. That's y la I berulang alik ke Kuantan now. My job in KL... I can't abandone it. First of all... walau mcm mana tension pun keje...I think any HR people will experience the same. And I love this employer. Y? Sbb sgt considerate. Can come in late...not very late...but can be adjusted. As long as complete 9 hours keje. And...kalau kita ada urgent matters, we can always call our managers, tell the truth and apply for EL. Usually they will be supportive. This company sangat berhati perut. Sometimes as HR aku rasa..terlalu berhati perut sampai ada staff yang ambil kesempatan pula. Tapi..tu la sebab nya I stick here.

And Adam.. He's schooling in PD, with my parents. Parents aku kan dah jaga dia since baby...just because they love babies and it happen to be that Adam is the eldest grandchild. Though aku nak ambil and bela sendiri since I delivered him, tapi my parents keep on giving excuses. Last I requested him was a couple of years ago. My parents was soo sad.. My mom and dad sampai demam sbb susah hati. They love having grandchild. Keep their live busy and fill their days with happiness, arguments and shoppings. So, as a child, I think it will be worth if I sacrifice my happiness for theirs. Though ramai yang berpendapat that we should let parents rest at their golden age, I have different opinion. I think, we must give them happiness the way they want it. One of the reasons I think is because they want us to visit them frequently. So, the grandchild is a guarantor that we could always stick around with them. Kalau my child is not with them pun for sure we will always visit them kan... because we love them...the way they love us all the time.

Now, let's see. I have 4 states in hand now. KL to work, Kuantan for hubby, PD for kid and parents and last but not least, Malacca, our home sweet home. It's not easy to jugle these states in our limited circle of time. Quality time with family is precious, time for work is for future financial plus current's self-satisfaction. Don't judge what's best for me, because your priority and my priority might be different. Your external factors and mine are also different. The most important thing is, we are happy as what we are. We are free to tell stories, to lend our shoulder for tears and to join in hands to go through hard times.

Thus, I thank you all from the deepest sincere heart of mine for being my friends and lend me your shoulder.

( Eh..bukan ke nak citer pasal current situation..apsal jadik emosional ekk? )
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buat suami puan,

selamat bertugas di Kuantan..

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