Birthday Dinner : Firdaus

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I have a nephew. He stays with my parents in law in Malacca. His parents are in Seremban. Biasalah atuk nenek nak jaga cucu. He celebrated his 9th birthday on 28th Feb 2011. Since I know that I will not be available on that day, I went back to Malacca few days before that and ask him and parents in law to have a dinner together. Adam and hubby didn't join. But at least I was there. We had a steamboat dinner at Johny's in JJ Ayer Keroh. He loves the steamboat and so does the atuk and nenek. I hope he knows I love and appreciate him as well, though he is not my son.


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Unknown berkata...

uiii aiii...osah sodap tu lauk dalam periuk tu ha....apo2 pun epi birthday utk Firdaus...hihi