Car Club Convoy

End of February recently, I've joined the Car Club Convoy. It was organized for the club members to gather and get to know each other. The journey was from KL to Kuantan. Since hubby was in Kuantan and my weekends will be spent in Kuantan, I've decided to join the event. Kill 2 birds with one stone.

That was the very first time in my life that I've ever join a convoy like that. Adam has been looking fwd for the day since months before that. Oh yes..the arrangements took months ok. I have no problem because I do not have to worry about accommodation and other things. But other members need to arrange for hotels, dinner, water park at Gambang's entrance, etc..etc. Yea...I should join all the event scheduled, but I seek permission from the committee to be excused from a few events. Still need some times to spend with my own family and we have our own pre-arranged schedule as well.

The itinery : Depart from KL Sat morning, straight to Gambang Water Park, check-in hotel in Kuantan evening, dinner ikan bakar in Tg Lumpur, and gathering at Teluk Chempedak for teh tarik session. Sunday morning is visit to Rumah Anak Yatim, donate a little bit and enjoying the sata at Peramu. Evening, depart to KL. But we had appointments on Saturday, so decided to join the visit to Rumah Anak Yatim on Sunday. Sadly, both my car and hubby couldn't be started on Sunday morning. I dun know why, but both have battery failure problems. I guess, some alien spaceships landed in front of our house the nite before and they consumed all of our battery powers.

Anyhow, the journey from KL to Kuantan was so amusing. Most of the car types was the MPV type, except me and other two members were driving the hunchback type. Funny, all of these hunchback type were black in color. We were divided into 3 groups. A, B and C. Every 10 cars in 1 group. Everyone has been given the convoy's t-shirt and sticker for car, for record and arrangements purpose. You have to stick to your position according to the number and group. Cannot overtake cars or members in front of you. This is my number. I was in group C, last group but I like it because I do not have to worry about my speed limits.

Before the day, every members need to memorize all the convoy rules. So, everything must be in order. On the day, every member has to bring their own walkie talkie to communicate. I didn't have one...heheheh. So one of the members borrowed his to me. Adam was an excellent co-pilot. He make sure the smart tag device is in order, monitor every announcements through the walkie talkie and held the walkie talkie for me if I need to talk. He handed me drinks and gave me snacks whenever appropriates (when I started to doze off) and keep on talking to me to make sure I am awake all the time..hehehhe.
We stopped at Temerloh R&R. Most of the members enjoy the early lunch there, excluding me and Adam. We are going for a lunch appt plus we had a big breakfast in car (McD's). Pic was the parking arrangement when we stopped in R&R Temerloh. See other red cars? They were MPVs, except the right side. It was the new model of sedan, Chevrolet Cruze. Stunningly beautiful. Definitely not within my budget...hahahahah. Ok, see the black car? was not my car. My car was behind it. I didn't make-up and put on extra accessories to my car. According to my mechanic, the car has been designed that way to serve every purpose it was built for. Which I think, it does make sense.

Anyway, this is my car. Sorry, it was the most dustiest and greyish car in the convoy ( though the original color is black). I really didn't have time to wash my car due to the tight schedule and journey. Still... I LOVEEEEE MY CAR. Has served me and my family the extra miles and she is such a strong hearted car. I adore her. u car.

Well...I didn't really enjoy the convoy. Maybe because it was my first so I didn't prepare much for the event. But that's the thing. My initial nawaitu (intention) was to experience and learn what is a convoy. Now I know and Insyaallah I will join another convoy and make sure to prepare excellently. The most important thing is : Hubby MUST join.
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2 thoughts..

xplorer berkata...

tak pernah join konvoi , tapi rasanya tak boleh nak join kot sebab rasa mcm tak bebas bila nak travel

Aziela berkata...

xplorer, tq singgah my blog. Really appreciate it. Mmg tiada kebebasan, kena ikut schedule. Sesekali utk nk dptkan feel bolehla..