Movie Review : The Sorcerers and The White Snake


We subscrived this movie from Astro First some times ago. Husband likes the movie because it all kungfu actions. I like the movie because of Jet Li. Adam likes it because of the magic elements.

The movie is about the highest monk carried by Jet Li travels all the time with his helper to help the community fight the evils. They have been attacked by various evil during that time. So, the monks take care of the spiritual aspects in that community. At the same time, it shows a group of medicine people (what do we call them eh..?) in the jungle (sort of...) to seek herbal and plants for remedy. One of them is ..well, just read the followings. Easier beacuse I've copied it from Wikipedia...hehehehhe

The film starts with Abott Fahai with his assistant Neng Ren going to the front door to a snow blizzard. The ice harpy appears at the top of the mountains. Neng Ren starts to get her but the Ice Harpy freezes him. Fahai and the Ice Harpy start to talk then they start to fight each other. At the end of the battle, Fahai traps the Ice Harpy with his demon trapper which unfreezes Neng Ren. Fahai asks his assistant to confine her at Lei Feng Pagoda and the two of them go back to the door which disappears when it closes. Later the films moves to Jin Shan temple, a place where monks pray to Amitabha. At Lei Feng Pagoda, Neng Ren goes upstairs to go to the magic circle where demons are trapped in. He tells the demons that if they make real progress in meditation, they well be released then traps the Ice Harpy in the circle. Then the movie now starts with mountains. One mountain has a waterfall and shows a naga slithering around while another one starts slithering with her. The two start enjoying their life and they look at the other mountains. Later, men who are climbing up the mountain to dig for herbs. The two nagas watch them while still looking for herbs. Qingqing, the green naga starts to give Xu Xian a scare which made him fall down the lake and Qingqing starts laughing. Susu assumes human form and saves Xu Xian. Susu kisses Xu Xian which makes a flow of vital essence. Later, Xu Xian wakes up and tells his friends what happened which only made them laugh. Soon, Fahai and Neng Ren found a victim of the bat demons, that they have to catch them tonight. They ride a boat while talking to Xu Xian. Susu starts thinking about the day she kissed Xu Xian. Their animal companions wonder why she's bothered. She explains that she wants to go to the human world just to see Xu Xian.
She goes to meet Xu Xian, Xu Xian falls in love with a snake. Then they make love. Later she is revealed to be a white snake. That probably shocked him because he made love with a snake. In the end, they get separated for eternity.

The 'snakes' are beautiful as they should be. The scenery are breathless. But the actions are not as pack as expected. They played a lot with computerized effects (they called it CGI, isn't it?). Some are flawless, some look so rough.

Oh, my Jet Li is as handsome and as gentleman as he's always is. But careful, they are quite a number of scene which are not suitable for children view. Errr...errr... too sexy... So, close their eyes with your pillows...

Owhh... I love the romance. I always... huhuhuhu....

Note : Pic are from google.
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3 thoughts..

Cik Bambam berkata...

kita pon dah tgk jugak citer dia kak.. ending dia sedihhhh!! huhuhu

RamRamCute berkata...

white snake tu cantik tapi asben dia tak hensem...heheh (ada-ada aje kan)

☆♥L@dy @yU♥☆ berkata...

owh if my heroes tgk sure suka
ai citer2 jenis ni x layan sangat tapi di paksa layan gak...kejam x ngeee?