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Me and Adam were rushing for some programs few weeks ago in Kuantan. Hubby was having a training at a hotel there and while waiting, me and Adam tried to fill-up our time with as much activities as we could.

First, I need to wash my car. Since we are not really familiar with Kuantan, we 'tour' around Kuantan's town for a few times to find a suitable car wash center. At last, I saw the signage of automatic car wash by the road side at the main junction of Jln Telok Sisek and Tg Lumpur.

Nice.... I've never had any experience with this system before.

So, we have to queue. I mean all the cars that needed the wash, need to queue.

The charge was cheap. It's only RM4.00 for external body wash and if you wish to vacuum, you have to add another RM4.00 in which the total bill would be RM8.00. I chose the external and internal wash (means vacuum as well).

When our turn was up, they were 2 workers splashed waters all over our car at the entrance. Adam and me giggle in the car because it was quite a funny moment. We were tried to avoid the water splash, but actually we were sitting in the car. Definitely nothing can reach us inside. These workers scrub the tyres and rub the car's body for initial cleaning stage.

Then I have to drive in slowly and stopped at the second station. This time, another 2 workers splash the soap mixture on us (the car, I mean). At this point, we were about to enter the station as the picture below. Once in, I need to let the car free from any gear and brakes. Let the machine brings the car at its pace.

Once we were out from the machine's station, they will be another worker at the exit to dried up the car. And taraaaa.... you will drive out your car sparkling clean after that.

But since I took up the vacuum package, I drove my car to another station for them to finish their job. There was a long bench at the station for us to sit and relax and chit chatting with other car owners while waiting the process complete.

It's fast, it's cheap, but of course the quality is not at the same level with those car spa which could be found at the shopping complexes' basement. But hey..! At least u will drive a clean car within a short time, right?

Oh's supposed to be a Wordless Wednesday... There goes my WW this week. Sigh!

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Unknown berkata...

kah kah kah....Wordless Wednesday yang ber-word-word hehehe.....saya prefer automatic car wash sebab sy jenis tak suka menunggu lama, yg penting kebersihan kereta je. dah la murah cuci luar saja, pastu Malaysia ni selalu hujan....tak lama lagi kotor balik kereta tu hehehee