Exotic Lunch in Chini Again


It's Friday again. Weekend is approaching. May all of us will be in a good health and happiness during the weekend so that we can embrace next Monday with smile and big heart.

Ok, let's talk about food again today. Hmm..should I changed this blog into foodie blog? But if I do that, I won't be able to share about other issues as well... Owh, I'll think about that later.

I had written about this modest restaurant in Chini for a few times. And yet, me and hubby will always be 'wowwed' everytime we come here. There will always be new exotic food in the menu. Exotic in terms of edible. Not exotic such as in mainland China, or Thailand, or Vietnam.

The shop. It is actually a resident house and was extended a little bit for dining space.

It was the day when we were supposed to attend a wedding invitation in Kuantan, but turn out the the wedding take place at night. So, with empty tummy, we proceed our journey to Malacca. We didn't have any plan for lunch. We thought we could just stop by at any restaurant or warung whenever we feel hungry.

However, when we reach Paloh Hinai area, we decided to have a luxury lunch in Chini. Why not, right. The timing is good and we do need to eat anyway. We arrived at the restaurant, "Wan Selera Kampung" (Wan Village's Appetite) 10 minutes before noon. The restaurant's team was still busy in kitchen, finishing their fried dishes.

The kitchen was in full gear during our arrival. We got excited because we knew that we were going to enjoy the freshest dish ever with steaming fluffy rice. Oh yeah, we were right.

Mr Wan, the owner showed us a type of fish. He said the fish's name is 'la'eh'. Actually the fish's name is  lais, but pronounced as la'eh for he originated from Kedah. So his slang might influence the pronunciation. This fish is a type of clear water fish. It's difficult to be found for it is seasonal. Price is expensive too. For 1kg of small to moderate size can cost you around RM25-RM30. The bigger the size, the more higher price you have to pay.

This lais fish is not to be found in normal market. For Mr Wan, he received it from the locals who fished around the area. It was not much. Less than 20, I think. Thus, we were very lucky to give it a try.

Lais fish, fried with salt and tumeric is so tasty. The edges of the fish and the tails are so thin and when fried, you will have a crispy cracker of fish. The body is a thin layer of meat, but it highlighted the freshness of the fish. Ok, enough about this rare and precious lais fish.

Next dish is chicken with moringa fruits. Malay call this kacang kelo. And this curry is using the ayam kampung, not the normal chicken. This chicken was breed naturally without any chemical interference. Healthy. Oh, do you know that moringa tree is full with nutrients? You can cook the leaves, you can get protein from the trunks (yes, trunks babe), and you can have a delicious and nutritious fried nuts from the fruit.

If you have time to google, they are a lot of articles about this fruit.

Next, is the normal chili fried talapia. We didn't take this because we aimed for another dish.

This is patin buah. The high quality of patin. You can even see from this picture how different the meat is. This patin's meat is in chunks!

Look at this. This is kerai/krai fish. The expensive fish that I wrote some times later cost hubby almost RM100 per 1 fish weighed about 500gm in Akob Ikan Patin House in Kuantan last year. Here, Mr Wan simply cook it in spicy coconut milk's gravy. And, it is cheaper. It costs us only RM10 per slice. But of course the size is smaller than we had in Kuantan last year. The taste? Definitely heavenly fresh.... and sweet and sumptuous

Next is mushroom. Cooked in a kind of soup. Definitely delicious.

Oh, we got what we want most. The udang galah, of course. But I didn't realize that we didn't snap a picture of it. But never mind, the looks are about the same as my previous entry HERE. You can take a look there, ok....

I rest my case here. Otherwise, I might drive all night today so that I can have my lunch here again tomorrow. But no, not this week. Adam is waiting for me in PD.


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10 thoughts..

Unknown berkata...

Salam akak...lama tak singgah sini.... artikel makanan dah bertukar ke bahasa Inggeris eh?

☆♥L@dy @yU♥☆ berkata...

Ya hampunnnn meleleh2 ayaq lioq ai tgk the yummy food tu #CarikTisu
Miss u kaka❤️💋

Kakzakie Purvit berkata...

Typical malay dishes Ziela. Kakak thought exotic like frog/snake etc hihi...

Farah Waheda Wahid berkata...

salam kak, akhirnya farah dapat juga jejak sini setelah sekian lama... sedapnya makan...

Cho Zila berkata...

ehmmmmmm dari bahasa yang ditulispun membuatkan kita rasa alamak sedap nyer... dahler susah nak dapatkan orang masak benda2 gitu... dahler cara masaknyertu cam dari hati(masak simple orang kampung ~ susah nak terangkan)

aby berkata...

earlier i thout it was the original exotic food, monkey, snake, porcupine and other ..
but it turn up to be an exotic clear water fish .
all the serve fish is not common ..
hard to get and therefore the price is expensive but worth eating ..
Paloh hinai .. i did went to that place .. using short cut route. Lancang exit - cini-paloh hinai finaly .. Pekan ..
most of the route is along Sungei Pahang ..

NzA berkata...

Emmm...kalu blk kg mmg selalu lalu lalang area sini tapi xpernah masuk ke dlm. Nmpk menunya menyelerakan.

t.a.t.a berkata...

Sis, I will bear in my mind next if I were to fast, don't ever come to your blog. The probability for you to make an entry about food are really high.

Rozita Ceritaita berkata...

semuanya sedap tu...kedai ni kat mana kak? kg asben area situ leh gi cari...

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Taste is netter than apetite...kot