MIX FM Makes Me Cry!

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Picture from http://www.mix.fm/

I love listening to Mix FM radio station. Beside Sinar and Hot, I'll tune my radio for Mix FM. However, today's morning Breakfast show made me CRY..!

They have this section of Dilly's Dilemma..something like that. Today's problem, one of the callers has a dilemma for his wedding. He had already plan for DJ with lights and sound system. However, his parents insist on a live band as well. So it add up the budget in which he doesn't have. So, should he strive to dig up the budget somewhere and satisfy the parents, or ignore the request? But he loves and respect his parents, but he doesn't has enough budget for that.

At the end of the discussions and as the solutions, the extremely kind hearted Dilly and JD offerred to sponsored the lighting, DJ and sound system thing so that this caller could use that budget for a live band. And JD and Dilly SANG a song to prove that they are capable to lighten up the wedding ceremony. And the song was soooo... totally BEAUTIFUL!

Ok..click here to listen. How beautiful it would be. Ohhh... it's like a dream come true...
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