Movie Review : Mission Impossible 4 - Ghost Protocol

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I've watched this..yeyyyy.....

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Memang x pernah looking forward nak tengok cerita nie, and tak tau menahu langsung cerita nie wujud. Dahsyat betul kan. Tujuan sebenar pergi movie last week sebenarnya nak tengok kalau2 Ombak Rindu masih ditayangkan lagi atau tak. Kebetulan hubby agree untuk pergi movie and Adam pun x ada, maka kami datinglah ber-2 masa tu.

Syukur Ombak Rindu ada lagi. Tapi lewat sikit. So, sebelum tu, kami cari cerita apa yang habis ngam2 sebelum Ombak Rindu. Discuss dan siasat dgn orang counter tu, maka MI 4 nie lah yang paling ngam2 sekali. Kiranya kami tengok back to back lah... Best betull...

Untuk cerita nie, kebetulan ada couple seat, and hubby tak pernah experience duduk couple seat. Kita dah pernah dah....duduk dengan Adam..hehehehehe. giler2 dating dengan hubby, tengok movie, duduk couple seat... HEAVEN..!

Oh yes, about the movie...





All of the above...

The plot is so systematic, interesting and easy to understand. The action scenes, the explosions, the fighting and the gun shooting seems are all magnificent. This is the most worth paying movie tickets I've ever bought... (besides Twilight, definitely).

Scenes that I like most :

1.) Scene in Kremlin when they were using Tab and create illusion image to the guards of Kremlin. It was so brilliant, neat, but yet funny.

2.) The one which Ethan Hunt and Brandt escaped from the authority under the water.

3.) The moment when Ethan needs to catch the designated coach in a train to access his unit's property and the rest of the team members. He has to run with the train, make sure he keyed in the correct code number, authorized his retina for authorization while avoiding the iron barriers along the way.

4.) The most outstanding scene is when Ethan needs to climb window glass thousand feet on the air at the Burj Al-Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest building in the world. I have been dying to know how did they merged the graphic and utilized the capabilities of the modern cameras to produced that scene, because it could be SO MUCH IMPOSSIBLE for him to literally climb the buildings!. But when I watched the videos behind the scene, I hit by the surprise. Oucch!

YESS!! Tom Cruise DID CLIMB the building. He climbed it without using any stuntman. I bowed to your commitment and craziness, dear Tom Cruise.

While watching this scene, hubby and me were holding hands tightly because it was so scary when you can imagined how it would be for him if he fell down.. He actually 1% off from falling in that scene and I did scream...

5.) The scene in Mumbai, when Jane seduced the Indian billionaire... ANIL KAPOOR! Oh my...oh my... I loveee Anil Kapoor and I realized that I was the only one jumping up and down excitedly in the movie theatre when Anil made his appearance. It was a surprise because I have no idea at all that Anil will be in there....

6.) The fighting scene in the automatic car parks building in which the levels that brings car moving up and down, left and right, front and behind constantly. Ethan fights to snatch the nuclear bomb launcher case from that crazy professor. The most unexpected moments was when he drove a car to purposely hit the ground and turn off the bomb before it's too late.

Ok....interesting enough? It's worth it...please trust me.

I really enjoy the show. All the pretty faces in this movie are nothing compared to the actions presented.

Expect the unexpected...
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Pha Is berkata...

dah tengok jugak.. memang best...lawak pon ada... paling suka part masa diorang masuk kremlin, best dengar music background die... meremang bulu roma... hahaha