Movie Review : Stolen


Nicholas Cage is back!

I've started fallen for him since he was in The Rock.

This time, he's playing a father with the career of a thief. He robs banks with his partners. As usual, one of them screwed things up and Nicholas Cage got caught.

He lovesss his daughter soo much and everyone who knows him knows the daughter. So, when he was caught empty handed by the cops, he got 8 years only in prison. Once he was released, cops were chasing him for the money, and his buddy in the gang kidnapped his daughter for the money which he has burnt the night he was caught 8 years ago. He has to burnt it for he knew if he was t be found with the money, he will receive extra 10 years in the jail.

Daughter with the notorious kidnapper.

Of course, to cut it short, he has a good ending, though he lives in a caravan by the sea. But he's happy, the daughter is happy, the girlsfriend is happy.

Totally, my heart race with the movie. Totally adrenalin pumping. Explosions, shootings and tacticals. Cool.

I watched with hubby and I've enjoyed our movie day out.

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3 thoughts..

Izwa Kamaruddin berkata...

ramai ckp cerita ni best!

Unknown berkata...

nicholas cage kureng sikit la..sbb dia kalau berlakon mesti jadi hero.. lepas tu macam payah nak cedera.. kebal gila..hahaha.. tp movie dia quite hit jugak kan kak..

Unknown berkata...


nk tg je rase