Ramadhan Buffet at Rocana Hotel, Kuantan?


Me and hubby were here, a few weeks ago before fasting month. It was due to our quarrel. Small contadictions actually. He wanted to have satey for dinner. So he wanted to go to Terminal Satey Zul. But me, due to the unhealthy condition during that time, would like something simpler such as chicken rice.

 After arguing, he then solved the problem by suggesting Rocana Hotel Buffet. Price was reasonable. It was Thursday night with theme of Hawker's Night. RM35++ per person. And, it satisfied both our appetites. They have satey, as well as chicken rice.

And, these buffet themes are the preparations for the Ramadhan Buffet. Their restaurant manager, Mr. Fahmi has been warmly chatting away with us about their plan and menu. He is seriously a friendly man, yet very precise in giving the best to the guests.

Among the themes...

I rushed for the chicken rice since I was craving for it. The rice was nice. Very aromatic and soft. The chicken has perfect balance of taste. And the soup, was not merely blank soup. It was filled with chicken chunks, vegies and taufu.

That is the chicken rice soup. I took the appertizer as well. A glass of prawn olio pasta. This pasta has failed to melt away my soul. It was quite tasteless and dull.

Since hubby mentioned satey, well, why not, right? Took 3 satey with 3 cubes of rice cakes. Satey were good, but the kuah kacang didn't meet my expectations. Well, mak's kuah kacang is still the best for me. Even hotel's quality can't beat her's. Hehehehehe.

Spaghetti. Not mine. Hubby;s. He loves pasta. BUT.... the spaghetti was really dry and hard. A little bit more, you can munch it like crackers. We took the opportunity to give our opinions to Mr. Fahmi. He took note for that.

This murtabak is the best murtabak I've ever eat in a hotel restaurant. Definitely you can't compare the quality with real hawkers out there. Hawkers' murtabaks are wayyy much tastier...hahahahhaha. But, here in Rocana, the murtabak is almost the same quality. The onion pickles are delicious though. It complemented the murtabak.

I've always falls to the knee whenever I meet the mushroom cream soup. They have garlic bread as well... Walllaaaa... However, the mushroom soup was okayyyy, and the garlic bread was totally rejected by me. Do you know where you can find the best garlic bread? Ha, the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Malacca never fails to dish out the tasty, full of flavours, buttery, soft yet crunchy garlic bread.

Hubby's hunt for desert. Well, nothing much. So and so. I didn't really enjoy the desert, though.

Somehow, I can't restrain myself from the hawker's wok sounds. The cheng-cheng sound of the chef fried noodles really pull me up from my seat. I requested for char koay tiaw, but sadly they finished the koay tiaw. Well, what to espect. We already have desert on our table, but suddenly I went back to main course...hahahahha. So, the chef replaced it with yellow noodles. But, the chef has yet to master the art of wok cooking, I guess. I can't really swallow it. I can't really highlight what went wrong, but it was definitely not even 50% good as the street hawkers'.

We didn't take the nasi campur. The choices of menu for nasi campur was not extravagant. The combination was okay, but not tempting enough. Well, for both of us.

All in all, with that price, you can't really expect much. At least the chicken rice and murtabak were marvelous.

Mr Fahmi promised that Rocana will work out to the fullest for their Buffet Ramadhan. I trust him.

So, this weekend?

Note : I break my promise again. Food pictures here and there...oh no!

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8 thoughts..

zouldahan berkata...

Dah macam juri dalam Masterchef.

Seumur hidup saya,
baru sekali berbuka di hotel.
Lepas tu serik dah.
Harga tak masuk dek akal.
99 jenis makanan dihidang sekaligus.
Lagi tak masuk akal.

Salam berhujung minggu.

Azham Vsvc berkata...

Akak you look so beautiful in the photo hehe! yum yum lapor perut ni rasa hahahaha!

Acik Erna berkata...

Asalam aziela..kalau dah banyak juga yang tak boleh diterima..pertama dan terakhir la yo ziela..

NzA berkata...

murahnya dan mknan semuanya nmpk sedap.

aby berkata...

salam ziela ..
for a buffer, rm35/ is not expensive.. still make sense ..
either of you can wallup as much as you can ..
one udang galah in temerloh cost rm 45/ one slice of patin buah cost at rm 30/ ..excluding rice and drink ..
so, your buffer is still cheap my friend ..
p/s.. time to go for my class ..
new semester has begun ..

azieazah berkata...

Boleh mabuk makanan kalu cenggini. Banyak. Biasanya di buffet memang la seribu satu macam menu ada. Kena ambil sikit sikit, baru boleh rasa semua, ye dak?

kesoma rai berkata...

pedih telinga jadi manager dia.. hahaha..tapi bagus la kan..at least dia dengar humble opinion dari customer so that dia boleh buat improvement..hihi..

tapi saya tak pernah bukak puasa kat buffet hotel..hehe..

Rozita berkata...

kak..kami makan masa kursus .. 1st time jumpa hotel serve tembikai dgn kulit-kulitnya sekali..hehe... kak..mkn kat santai best.. walaupun ada yang x ok tp overall semua sedap.. abc pun ok.. kira ok la dengan hari n kemudahan surau dia.. kami rasa berbaloi..