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The latest info regarding my FIL. As I've wrote in my previous entry entitled Ubat dan Doktor...., I did mention about my FIL in Malacca's GH.

To our surprise, he was discharged from hospital on Tuesday without any better condition. Well, 3 bags of blood transmitted to him because his HB has decreased to 6. So, by Tuesday his HB increased to 10 and he was discharged. But....

- He still have fresh blood in his stool. Basically it's not's all blood entirely.
- He can't eat. Extremely low appetite.
- Extremely pain in lower abdomen. It's until to the extend that we have to be careful to touch his bed. A very slight movement means a big explosion of pain in his abdomen.
- He is still very...very weak.

And remember that GH promised the result of colonoscopy by Thursday? Well, they postponed it to 18th July!! Other than that...silent!

After 2 days at home, we have been so worry about him, especially Mommy. He discharged fresh blood 3 times hourly! He has been so weak.

So, on Thursday, after a short discussion in the family, we brought Ba to Emergency Dept of Pantai Hospital Ayer Keroh. Well, the trusted hospital for us so far.

After few initial treatment in Emergency Dept,. they put him in recovery unit in ward. That room is more like ICU for ward. Closely monitored by dedicated nurse, and even family members are not allowed to be with him. But we waited though.

Alhamdulillah.... today as Sunday, he has at last be quite stable. His HB has increased to 11.7 after 2 more bags of blood trasmission and his pain has been getting lesser. He still flushes out the fresh blood but once in 2-3 times. Mucchhhh more better,

Another colonoscopy done and we are sooo relieved when we found out that it is actually a pseudopolyps. Definitely not polyps. Syukur..Alhamdulillah.

I am still in hospital since 2 days ago. Adam and hubby are with me in ward. We slept on chairs, and even on floor to be by his side. I'll wait until tomorrow before resume to work.

I would like to express my thanks to all of you whom has kindly say your prayers for us. I believed that your prayers are sincere with kind heart.

May Allah showered all of you with His blessings.


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9 thoughts..

aby berkata...

salam aziela ..
may the coming ramadan allah swt give both you and yur FIL good health ..
able to fast with comfort ..
pray for your speedy recovery

Farah Najdah berkata...

InsyaAllah, teruskan brdoa krn Allah Maha berkuasa. Moga FIL Aziela cpt sembuh....

azieazah berkata...

Aamiinnnnn semoga terus sejahtera dan sihat kepada Ba. Juga semoga terus tabah dan bersabar buat Aziela sekeluarga.

zouldahan berkata...

Typical Govt attitude.
Treat the symptom.
Not the patient.

Semoga segala2nya dipermudahkan.

Salam Ramadhan.

elly nadyra berkata...

speedy recovery for your FIL, may pray with him!

RamRamCute berkata...

Alhamdulillah...hope that everything goes well...sentiasa berdoa untuk kebaikan semua...

Salam Ramadhan Awak!

Aziela berkata...

Thank you very much to all friends. I really appreciate the supports. At least I know I'm not walking alone.

Azham Vsvc berkata...

Hurm....lega ada perkembangan terbaharu apabila ditukar ke hospital swasta.......

dalin berkata...

Tu lah kadang2 bukan kita taknak pegi gh. Tapi result lambat amat. Turn nak buat treatment pun berbulan. Kalau takde choice memang terpaksa tunggu. Tapi kalau mampu pegi je private bagi kurang sikit org kat gh.