Khamis, 27 Mac 2014

Breakfast at Le Grandeur, Senai


I have reviewed the hotel room this morning. So, let's move to breakfast session.

We came down early, around 7.00. We would like to have a leisure breakfast hour. Hubby needs to be at that factory by 8.30, thus 1 hour leisured breakfast would be a sweet date for both of us.

My starter, the fruits

The side dishes. Omelette was at par quality. No beyond expectation taste and presentation. They do not serve half-boiled eggs there. So, you can be satisfied with omelette, scramble and the simple fried eggs. 

Hubby's portion for main breakfast meal. 

Hubby started his breakfast with a bowl of salad.

My 1 piece of toast. 

My nasi lemak with chicken curry.

I like the nasi lemak. It cooked to perfections, complete with the side dishes. The sambal tumis was delicious. Right amount of chillies and right balance of tastes. I do not really like anchovies, so I passed it. I took peanuts and slices of cucumber instead. The chicken curry was tasteful as well. Not too spicy and the curry spices used was just right. Not too mild, neither too thick.

The restaurant. 

It was not a breakfast like a king, but with that room price, we are more than satisfied. Value for money indeed. The cleanliness, the fast service from the staffs, the ambience of looking over the pool, all of it contributed to the high level of satisfaction.

And during that moment, we made a declaration that this visit will be repeated with our son, Adam.


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ruang makan dia pun santai.. tenang je.. ;

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Thanks for sharing..

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yum yum yum! sedapnya!