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Dear readers,

Let me be transparent to all of you. I had been approached by the IPMart, an online shop for electronic gadget. I am supposed to write an entry about my favourite model any electronic gadget.

I have used many brands, and I am not really an electronic gadget junky. As long as the gadget serve my purpose and does not give me much trouble, I'll accept it as it is.

However, among the brands, I love most my Sony Ericsson handphone of the model K660. Hubby bought this for me as a gift. He bought it when the phone was newly released, many years back. I love the function so much. I love the picture quality, the video quality and many other functions. It suits my grip nicely and I can almost feel an unseen bond between me and the phone.

But, as time goes by, I received new phone from hubby. Not that I don't like Samsung, but Samsung gives me a few difficulties. It will stuck and malfunction anytime it wants. Sighh.....

Oh yes, I am eyeing on some other brands as well. Not for me, but maybe for Adam. An advance gift, perhaps....

Special for all of you, my readers, if you want to shop at this IPMart, you all are entitled for certain discounts. Just give your discount code as I will provide later at the end of this entry.

So guys, enjoy shopping, yea...

Thus, your discount code is :


Psst : This promotion will be expired by 31st March. So, hurry!
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2 thoughts..

Abe Kie berkata...

thanks for sharing. I did buy my 2nd hp last week..Alas!

Rai Ourkizuna berkata...

saya pun henpon hadiah dari encik shujin.. saya jenis pakai sampai rosak.. so tunggu rosak baru carik lain..haha..