Fishing at Malacca

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What's the weekend planning? Yes, a few weeks before, hubby dragged me and his son for fishing. Before Subuh, we shopped prawns at the Pasar Borong for baits. Next we moved to Pulau Melaka and went to Selat Mosque for the obligations. Hubby set-up his fishing equipments and we wait. I was busy snapping pictures. It was sooo beautiful. Adam had his nice sleepover in the car. Oh, we fished at the bridge which connected the Malacca Town and the Pulau Malacca. If you are heading to Selat Mosque, you will find a lot of people parked their car on the bridge with their fishing poles buried in the sea.

The sunrise. Owh..I loveeee Malaysia

Where's the fish..? to me...

Ah haa..! Here comes the fish... Hahahhahaha..

Hubby caught fish called 'sembilang'. Hmm..yummy to fry, or to cook lemak cili padi, even to be turned into asam pedas ikan sembilang. He caught 2 fishes. The other one, I didn't recognize. Well, this sembilang is quite big actually. I plan to fry it with chillies... was Adam who ordered the menu...

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