High Price for Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice)


The picture in which I shared this morning.

This plate of fried rice is called Thai's Fried Rice.

I had this dish few months back during my trip to JB, remember? Hubby was busy in his work at supplier's factory and I was spending my own lonely hours while waiting for him.

Upon checked-out from the hotel, I drove to the nearby Senai Airport Complex to chill out while having my lunch there. I chose Secret Recipe. A quiet environment plus I can have variety of food and spend hours there without being chased out.

Hungry, I ordered the fried rice. Because of it is a Thai's fried rice, it came together with a delicious aromatic sour and spicy tomyam broth and also some sambal belacan. The sambal belacan was nice. An original taste of sambal belacan.


What did I have on that mian plate was wayyyyy from satisfying. The prawn was fried until you can hear the crackles sound...too dry. The rice was sooo dry as well. It tasted almost like rice which has been cooked few days earlier and being kept in freezer. The taste was blunt as well. For that price, which is more than RM10.00, I can't really remember the exact price, I was expected a more tastier dish than that.

I do not mind to pay if the quality match the price. But if the quality is as what I had there, I think the nasi goreng fried by our side-road stalls are much more delicious than this.

Secret Recipe has to monitor closely the quality of foods served by their outlets. Though the service was professional there, the cleanliness was well taken care of, but namely a food outlet, their dishes should be prioritized.

I rest my case.

Psst : I still love their cakes, though....

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7 thoughts..

Anum berkata...


Unknown berkata...

seriously kak? secret recipe ke.. patutnya terus complain kat manager dia masa tu..

aizamia3 berkata...

majukan jugak entry ni kat dorang, at least dorang boleh buat penambahbaikan terhadap komen yang diberi.

t.a.t.a berkata...

Sis, did you let them know your unsatisfying of the dish?

aby berkata...

if i'm the one who ate ..
definately when paying, i will make some spicy complaint..
let them feel HOT to ..

che mid berkata...

Agaknya dia nak Aziela gaulkan sambal belacan tu dalam nasi goreng tu..jadi pelembab... ha ha

p/s : lain kali bila ke situ, makan keknya je la ya..eh, jom kita lepak sekali syama-syama..serius ni, ada tak turun s alam ke??? Jomm..

Unknown berkata...

sebab tu kalau saya nak makan nasi goreng sedap-sedap, saya pilih kedai tepi jalan je....kualiti ternyata sedap, kuantiti banyak, harga berpatutan hehe!