Nice Fresh Windy Morning


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How are you guys? I woke up fresh this morning. It's Friday!!! Yey..!!! Can go back to Port Dickson and meet my son. Can hug him and kiss him endlessly....

Prepared early than usual to work today. And the weather is nice. It's cloudy and windy and it's cool. Looks like it's going to rain, but I like it. I know some people do not like rainy days and some do not like sunny days but I do know a lot who always complain. Whether its sunny or rainy, they will still complain. What is wrong with these people? Oh right. They do not know how to say : Thank you Allah.

So, if it's sunny, we can dry up our clothes outside and if its rain, we can enjoy the intimacy of family bonding. It's cold, so sort of sticking everyone together while enjoying the hot cups of coffee with cekodok pisang (always about food eh..).

The message :
1. Be thankful. Bersyukurlah...
2. Extract positive elements in everything. You will dig out the happiness and smiles from your heart.

Happy Friday friends.....  I love you all... (ceh..macam artis ek..)
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3 thoughts..

Asyieq-iN Rkey berkata...

melawat son kat hostel ye..=)

ari nie adik kite balik dr hostel!!oh yeahh..hehe..anyway..nice pic...pokok men layang2..=)

Aziela berkata...

Asyieq-iN : Err..anak akak baru darjah 3...tak dok hostel lagi hehehe. Dia stay dgn grandparents dia kat situ. Weekend baru akak jumpa dia.

Nur Hawa Mohd Zin berkata...

love you too sis..take care and enjoy your family time yeah...:)