Makan di KL : Theobroma Chocolate in LCCT

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This food stopover happenned so many weeks before which I can't remember. What do I remember is that hubby was going to Macau and I sent him there. It was very early in the morning, about 5.00 a.m. Despite the time, LCCT was in a chaotic situation. I don't know why, but checking-in was a battle at the counter. 2 counters open, suddenly became 1, 4 lines for 2 counters became 4 lines for 1 counter. So, you can imagine how we push oursleves to struggle just for checking-in!

Done the battle, hubby said we need to sit down and catch our breath. Fine! We lepak at this Theobroma Chocolate and catch a couple cups of drinks and 2 snacks.

This is hubby's choice. Soo creamy and full with chocolate.

My sandwich. Messy, yes. But yummy, definitely!

Hubby's snack. Pumpkin soup, I think.

My drink. I can't remember, because it was not chocolate types of drink..

It was not bad, but I really think it was a waste of money. Hubby paid (luckily...) around RM60.00 for all of the above.

Phewww.... I won't regret if we do not repeat our trip here. 

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